40+ Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss {PLUS Benefits of Greek Yogurt}

Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

These 40 Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss are all low calorie, healthy, and delicious. Greek Yogurt naturally boosts metabolism, so each one of these low calorie Greek Yogurt recipes will help you lose weight.

Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

Low Calorie Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Low Calorie Popsicles

This Low Calorie Strawberries and Cream Popsicles makes 10 popsicles, each just 26 calories and 3g of sugar!

2. Low Calorie Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

This homemade jalapeno ranch dressing recipe is just 22 calories and can be made in 5 minutes!

3. Low Calorie Yogurt Bowls

These 10 Low Calorie Yogurt Bowls are delicious, fun, and best of all they are just 82 calories each!

4. Night Time Cherry Smoothie for Weight Loss

This healthy cherry smoothie is just 115 calories and is 100% all-natural too. 

5. Low Calorie Yogurt Toast

This Low Calorie Yogurt Toast is just 109 calories and has 7.2g of protein! Plus you can choose the berries you want to use, jazz it up with lemon zest (or not) and make this recipe in just 15 minutes. 

6. Low Calorie Blueberry Popsicles

These blueberry yogurt popsThese Low Calorie Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles are just 27 calories and 3.6g of sugar!

7. Low Calorie Roasted Eggplant with Greek Yogurt

This Roasted Eggplant with Greek Yogurt and Walnuts is just 162 calories for 1/2 of the eggplant!

8. Low Calorie Strawberry Smoothies

This Low Calorie Strawberry Smoothie for Weight Loss is easy to make, and is just 94 calories!

9. Low Calorie Club Salad Dressing

This low calorie Club Salad Dressing with Greek Yogurt is just 18 calories, and can be made in just 5 minutes!

10. Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Bark

This Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Bark is just 22 calories and 100% all-natural! Each piece has 2.2g of protein and it’s packed with fat burning ingredients. 

11. Low Calorie Lemon Popsicles

This Healthy Lemon Popsicles Recipe is just 22 calories! Plus, it’s low sugar (1.6g) and low carb (1.6g), and so easy to make!

12. Low Calorie Papaya Smoothie for Weight Loss

This Low Calorie Papaya Smoothie for Weight Loss is healthy and great for digestion and bloating!

13. Healthy Caesar Dressing

This low calorie Caesar salad dressing is low calorie and has 9.4g of protein thanks to our low calorie cooking tips.

14. Meal Prep Greek Chicken Salad Bowls

This Greek Chicken Meal Prep Recipe is just 308 calories, and packed full of protein!

15. Healthy Peach Smoothie for Weight Loss

This Healthy Peach Smoothie for Weight Loss is low in calories and packed full of protein without adding any protein powder.

16. Low Calorie Cold Cucumber Summer Soup

This Healthy Cold Cucumber Summer Soup is just 93 calories, and is a no cook recipe! 

17. Homemade Blueberry Yogurt

This 3 Ingredient Homemade Blueberry Yogurt recipe is easy to make, and can be made with Greek yogurt, cashew yogurt (vegan!) or any yogurt you prefer. 

18. Low Calorie Orange Creamsicle Popsicles

This Healthy Creamsicle Orange Popsicle Recipe is just 27 calories! Plus it’s low sugar, low carb, and packed with metabolism boosting ingredients!

19. Weight Loss Caramel Apple Smoothie

This healthy apple protein shake has 30.5 grams of protein, it’s just 311 calories, and it tastes amazing!

20. Low Calorie Cranberry Chicken Salad

This low calorie chicken salad with cranberries and almonds is only 107 calories and has no mayo!

21. Low Calorie Blueberry Smoothies

This Healthy Blueberry Smoothie for Weight Loss is just 113 calories and so good for you!

22. Low Calorie “Copycat” Freddys Fry Sauce

This low calorie recipe for fry sauce is a Freddy’s fry sauce “copycat” and is just 20 calories!

23. Low Calorie Yogurt Eggs

These Low Calorie Healthy Yogurt Eggs are just 156 per serving, and packed with 20g of protein too! 

24. Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Bowls

These Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Bowls are just 296 calories and have 40g of protein each!

25. Low Calorie Classic Wedge Salad Recipe

This Steakhouse Wedge Salad Recipe is just 138 calories, and has 12.2g of protein thanks to our low calorie, chunky blue cheese dressing.

26. Low Calorie Protein Pumpkin Smoothies

This Low Calorie Protein Pumpkin Smoothie for Weight Loss Recipe has over 28 grams of protein and makes a wonderful breakfast or meal replacement shake. 

27. Low Calorie Lime Popsicles

This Low Calorie Lime Popsicles Recipe is just 23 calories, and just 1.6g sugar!

28. Low Calorie Chia Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

These Low Calorie Chia Seed Yogurt Breakfast Bowls are easy and delicious. And the perfect meal prep breakfast bowls! Each healthy chia yogurt bowl is just 268 calories and has 23.2g of protein.

29. Healthy Blue Cheese Dip

I had the opportunity to make this healthy blue cheese dip recipe with Rachael Ray. This blue cheese dip for buffalo wings and veggies is just 42 calories.

30. Low Calorie Green Smoothie Bowls for Weight Loss

This Low Calorie Green Smoothie Bowl for Weight Loss is just 211 calories, and comes with Smoothie Bowl Toppings, and optional protein add ins!

31. Healthy Greek Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

This Greek Chicken Gyros Recipe with Tzatziki Sauce is low calories, and can be made in just 30 minutes!

32. Healthy Recipe for Fruit Dip with Yogurt

This Healthy Greek Yogurt Dip for Fruit is just 30 calories, and naturally boosts metabolism!

33. Low Calorie Parfait Yogurts

These 5 Parfait Yogurt Recipes are all packed full of protein, and under 130 calories!

34. Low Calorie Ambrosia Salad

This Low Calorie Ambrosia Salad recipe is just 76 calories, and packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients! 

35. Low Calorie Corn Chowder

These low calorie corn chowder recipes start at just 300 calories (recipes with chicken, shrimp, or bacon will have a few more calories per serving). 

36. Low Calorie Egg Salad

This easy low calorie egg salad recipe is just 188 calories and has zero mayonnaise.

37. Protein Mango Smoothie Bowl

This Low Calorie Mango Protein Smoothie Bowl for Weight Loss is just 252 calories and has 17 grams of protein!! 

38. Low Calorie Waldorf Salad

This Recipe for Healthy Waldorf Salad has no mayonnaise and is just 342 calories! Plus, this low calorie Waldorf salad recipe has 17.6g of protein.

39. Weight Loss Coconut Protein Smoothie

This Low Calorie Pineapple Coconut Protein Smoothie for Weight Loss is just 235 calories, and has over 27 grams of protein! 

40. Low Calorie Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

This Low Calorie Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing is just 28 calories and has 4.5 grams of protein! It makes a fantastic dip, or salad dressing. You’ll want to add this ranch dressing to everything! 

Benefits of Greek Yogurt

1. Boosts Metabolism

One of our favorite benefits of Greek Yogurt, is that it naturally boosts metabolism! Adding more protein rich ingredients into your diet can naturally raise metabolism (1), and burn more fat.

2. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Looking to decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes? One of the benefits of Greek Yogurt, is lowering your risk! A 2104 study linked eating more yogurt to lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes (2).

3. Improves Gut Health

The probiotics in Greek Yogurt help promote a healthy gut (3), and that makes it one of the best benefits of Greek Yogurt.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Another one of the great benefits of Greek Yogurt, is that it helps lower blood pressure! A 2013 study showed that the probiotics in Greek Yogurt helped lower participant’s blood pressure (4).

5. Good for Mental Health!

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of Greek Yogurt is how it can help mental health! A 2016 study showed Greek Yogurt (along with other probiotic healthy factors), assisted in lowering stress and anxiety!(5)

Nutrition and Calories in Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Nutrition Label:

1 cup of 0% Greek Yogurt (unsweetened) has

Greek Yogurt Nutrition

40 Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight loss

Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

40+ Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

Lose Weight By Eating
These 40 Greek Yogurt recipes for weight loss are all low calorie and high nutrition.
From dips and smoothies, to salad dressings and dinners… you will find lots of amazing Greek Yogurt recipes below.
Special Tip: All of these Greek Yogurt recipes come with their own printable recipe card. Simply click the link to collect the free printable recipe cards!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert, dinner, dip, salad dressings, Smoothies, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1 meal
Calories 50 kcal


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Greek Yogurt Recipes for Weight Loss

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