What to Eat Before Working Out – Weight Loss Pre Workout Foods

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

Learn what to eat before working out, and use pre workout foods to help you burn fat faster!

Along with the 10 best pre workout foods, you’ll find some pre workout drinks and exercise recovery drinks.

What to Eat Before Working Out

Below you will learn what to eat before a workout to lose weight, along with 15 Recipes of Before Workout Foods!

All of these foods for exercise are easy to incorporate into your diet, or just to snack on while you drive to the gym! We’ve included recipes for pre workout energy drinks like smoothies and protein drinks. And recipes for natural pre workout food like protein balls below for you.

Learn what to eat before working out with these 10 pre workout foods…

What to Eat Before Working Out

Below, you will learn what to eat before working out to help you lose weight faster. These are natural foods for workout energy, and all can help boost metabolism and help you burn fat faster.

Along with the 10 recipes for pre workout foods recipes, we’ve included 5 extra before workout drinks recipes as well… So below you will find 15 recipes for pre workout foods.

Below you will find 10 pre workout foods and 15 recipes for exercise drinks, snacks and meals…

1. Nuts

One of the best before workout foods are nuts. Packed full of protein they give you lots of energy, and some nuts help boost metabolism too!

We prefer almonds as a pre workout food, as they naturally help your body burn fat. You can grab a 100 Calorie Almond Pack on the way out of the house for a good pre workout foods option.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

You don’t have to just eat nuts by the handful. Swap out your cereal milk with Almond Milk, or your peanut butter with metabolism boosting Almond Butter.

Try This Recipe: Banana Almond Oatmeal has several pre exercise foods all in one bowl: Almond Butter, Oatmeal, and Bananas!

Banana and Almond Butter Oatmeal
This metabolism boosting breakfast oatmeal will quickly become your favorite “go to” meal in the mornings!
Check out this recipe

Try This Recipe: This recipe for an Almond Milk Smoothie is a fantastic workout drink! Packed with almonds and bananas it will help you get the most out of your workout!

Strawberry Banana Almond Milk Smoothie
This strawberries and banana smoothie is so creamy and delicious, you won’t believe how low the calories are!
Check out this recipe
strawberries and bananas smoothies

2. Oatmeal

Not all carbs are bad… some help you and make wonderful foods for workout energy! If you’re looking for what to eat when working out to build muscle, carbs are key!

Oatmeal specifically is one of the best workout recovery foods, try having oatmeal before a workout to both full your energy and help you remove faster after.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

You can add oatmeal to all types of meals, including easy prep meals like Overnight Oats. We actually like to make protein balls with our oatmeal, these travel friendly snacks are great for enjoying pre workout!

Try This Recipe: These pre workout snacks have several exercise foods in each. Oats, Almond Butter, and more healthy ingredients can be found in this perfect energy bites!

10 Recipes for Power Balls | Healthy Recipes for Protein Balls
10 Healthy Recipes for Power Balls.
Below you will find directions for a Basic Power Balls, plus 10 add in ingredients to make delicious combinations like PB&J and German Chocolate Cake!
I've supplied a nut-free protein ball recipe, options with and without chocolate, and nutritional information at the bottom.
Check out this recipe
Recipes for Power Balls

Try This Recipe: Looking for what to drink during workout times? This Oatmeal Smoothie is a great pure workout drink and post workout drink for weight loss!

Peach and Banana Oatmeal Smoothie
This banana oatmeal smootie is creamy and delcious, and at only 331 calories it makes the perfect meal replacement smoothie!
Try this oatmeal banana smoothie for breakfast, with all the protein and oatmeal, it will keep you full for hours!
Check out this recipe
weight loss smoothies

3. Greek Yogurt

If you’re searching for before workout breakfast ideas, or asking yourself what should I eat before I workout… Greek Yogurt is a fantastic pre workout food!

Greek Yogurt is packed with protein for energy, calcium for strong bodies, and best of all, this superfood also naturally increases metabolism!

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

For breakfast you can enjoy a Yogurt Fruit Bowl (see the recipe below), at lunch you can boost your protein with Greek Yogurt Dip, and for dinner you can top these healthy Chicken Gyros with lots of cool cucumber yogurt sauce… yum!

Try This Recipe: Out 10 Greek Yogurt bowls are great breakfasts, making them good before workout breakfasts!

10 BEST Breakfast Greek Yogurt Fruit Bowl Recipes
These 10 Breakfast Greek Yogurt Fruit Bowl Recipes are all easy to make and delicious.
Now you can make yogurt bowls with 10 different interesting flavors, all low in calories. The nutrition for each flavor is added in the directions and nutrition for Greek Yogurt breakfast bowls below is before these add ins.
Check out this recipe
10 Breakfast Greek Yogurt Fruit Bowl Recipes

Try This Recipe: This Yogurt Smoothie is creamy and wonderful, plus it has 3 exercise foods in it: Greek Yogurt, Almond Milk, and Bananas!

Banana Yogurt Smoothie
This banana yogurt smoothie is packed full of protein, and at only 205 calories… a great meal replacement!
If you need more calories have two servings.
Check out this recipe
banana yogurt smoothie

4. Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein and a wonderful natural pre workout food. If you’ve been searching for what to eat before a workout for energy, eggs are a great option for you!

Searching for foods and exercise to lose belly fat? Eggs can help you trim down, and they are so versatile!

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

Eggs are a wonderful Metabolism Boosting Food for Weight Loss! We have lots of egg recipes on the website, including a Low Calorie Omelet, savory Dinner Shakshuka, and a life changing Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito!

Try This Recipe: These Low Calorie Deviled Eggs make a wonderful pre workout snack! They have NO MAYO, but instead lean on another exercise food in it’s place… Greek Yogurt.

The Best Easy Deviled Eggs [LOW CALORIE}
These are the best easy deviled eggs recipe you'll find.
Not only are they lower in calories, they are simple and fast, and fantstic as a snack or appetizer.
Try this low calorie deviled egg recipe, and save 100's of calories as well as time and effort.
Check out this recipe
Easy Deviled Eggs

5. Bananas

All the potassium in bananas make them a great pre workout food! Plus, they are already in their own little travel pouch! Perfect for pre workout snacks on the go.

Bananas are also great for weight loss, and are all about 100 calories per banana. Making them pre portioned and easy to snack on.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

This creamy fruit can also help make wonderful drinks for exercise! You can add Banana Protein Powder to your pre workout smoothie to boost protein and potassium!

Try This Recipe: Banana Muffins are great for grabbing on the go, and give you a boost of potassium and a small amount of carbs to help you stay full during our workout.

Healthy Banana Muffins {LOW CALORIE}
This Easy Banana Muffins Recipe is low in calories and uses coconut oil in place of butter to help cut calories and fat.
We've also used maple syrup in place of sugar as you don't need as much of it and it has a lower glycemic index. Making these healthy banana muffins better for you.
Check out this recipe
Easy Banana Muffins Recipe

Try This Recipe: This after workout smoothie is great before and during workout drinks as well.

After Workout Banana Smoothie
This 128 calorie smoothie is fantastic after a workout! The potassium in both the bananas and watermelon help you recover faster… and it’s a great calorie count for an after workout snack.
Check out this recipe
Watermelon banana smoothie

6. Green Smoothie

If you want to enjoy a meal replacement pre workout smoothie, try a green smoothie. Packed with greens like spinach, kale, and romaine they give you lots of healthy greens to fuel your workout.

Plus most green smoothies including ingredients like bananas, oats, almond milk, and Greek Yogurt… all good pre workout foods.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

We love Green Smoothies here at Lose Weight By Eating. We’ve even based two FREE Weight Loss Plans all around the power of green smoothies. Start out 3 Day Detox or our reader favorite FREE Detox Week Plan along with your daily workouts for fast weight loss!

Try This Recipe: New to green smoothies? Enjoy this yummy (but powerful) smoothie before or after your workout.

Berry Delicious Detox Diet Smoothie
This metabolism boosting green smoothie recipe is great for those new to trying green smoothies.
All of these wonderful metabolism boosting and beautifying berries help you feel and look great! Add a scoop of collagen powder to boost protein (and beautifying properties!)
Special Tip: Save some money and get frozen berry medley! You'll want 1 1/4 cup of it in this smoothie.
Check out this recipe
detox smoothie recipes for weight loss

Try This Recipe: We took an old favorite, and added a bunch of fat burning spinach to it… because spinach has virtually no flavor! This “Blast From The Past” drink tastes like a sweet treat!

Grown Up Strawberry Banana Smoothie
This grown up version of a recipe for strawberry banana smoothies includes healthy greens (that you can't taste!)
At only 207 calories this healthy smoothie teaches you how to make strawberry banana smoothies healthy!
Check out this recipe
Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie-recipe

7. Quinoa

Just like we shared above, not all carbs are bad. And some grains can actually help fuel your workout and your weight loss.

Quinoa is a wonderful grain to help boost fiber for a great workout, and boost weight loss thanks to its Superfood Weight Loss properties!

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

You can try a quinoa salad… or you can enjoy quinoa for breakfast in place of oatmeal!

Try This Recipe: This nutty grain is amazing with sweet blueberries and fat burning almonds. Think of a crunchy, nutty oatmeal… that’s what you’ll get with this wonderful before workout breakfast!

Blueberry Almond Breakfast Quinoa
I start the quinoa and almonds at the same time. Five minutes later it’s time to lower the heat on the quinoa and move the almonds to a plate to cool, and I have 20 minutes to do my hair, makeup or just relax. This Blueberry Almond Breakfast Quinoa recipe a great workday meal, you pretty much turn it on and then leave it alone.
Check out this recipe

8. Sweet Potato

This low calorie side dish, snack, main course ingredient can help fuel your workout!

Sweet potatoes have healthy carbs to give you energy for working out. This ultra filling pre workout food will keep you full and satisfied during a workout, without hurting your diet.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

You can eat fries and lose weight! All thanks to the wonderful new invention, the Air Fryer… But don’t worry, if you don’t have an Air Fryer, you can bake sweet potato fries and still enjoy this yummy pre workout snack!

Try This Recipe: Just 101 calories for one cup of fries… need I say more? You can enjoy this pre workout snack without guilt, plus it will give you loads of energy for the gym!

5 BEST Sweet Potato Fry Recipes (LOW CALORIE)
These oven baked sweet potato fries are just 101 calories for 1 cup! Now you can enjoy your favorite fries, without hurting your diet.
These crispy sweet potato fries are the best oven fried sweet potatoes you've ever had. We use 2 secret ingredients to make them crisp up while cutting calories… Olive Oil Spray and Parchment Paper.
Check out this recipe
Sweet Potato Fry Recipes

9. Protein Shakes or Bars

Everyone knows protein shakes are popular with the body builders, but they are also great before workout foods for people looking to trim down!

All natural protein shakes and bard can help fuel your workout and help you shed fat faster! If you’ve been searching for what to eat before working out… try one of these protein packed shakes below.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

The Best Protein Powders for weight loss can be found HERE. Try adding some Flavorless Collagen to your coffee or tea in the morning if you have a hard time eating before a workout.

Try This Recipe: This protein packed pre workout drink will help you burn fat fast, and give you loads of energy for the gym!

The Best Protein Shake Recipe
This is the best protein shake recipe… ever! It tastes just like a chocolate milkshake, but has over 26 grams of protein. It's low in calories, high in nutrition, and vegan.
Along with the recipe for protein shake, you'll find several optional add ins to add more protein and boost flavor.
This recipe calls for Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder in "Creamy Chocolate Fudge"… but any chocolate protein powder will work. We like this plant based, vegan protein powder best, so we recommend trying it with these protein shake ingredients.
Check out this recipe
The Best Protein Shake Recipe

10. Watermelon

This yummy fruit has more electrolytes than water! Commonly found in during workout drinks, electrolytes can help quench your thirst and hydrate you through a workout.

Plus, watermelon can help curb your sweet tooth for just a few calories. Making this exercise food one of the best for light snacking before a work out.

What to Eat Before Working Out (10 Pre Workout Foods for Weight Loss)

Try adding frozen watermelon cubes into your water bottle to chill and flavor your workout drink with sweetness and extra electrolytes… Or try one of these Low Calorie Watermelon Drinks.

Try This Recipe: Watermelon is great for pre and post workouts, making these drinks great for anytime.

10 Watermelon Smoothie Recipes
These 10 healthy watermelon smoothie for weight loss recipes are easy to make and so yummy to drink!
Great on hot days, watermelon smoothies help hydrate your body. And with these great smoothies with watermelon, you can enjoy a healthy (naturally cooling) breakfast or treat.
Special Tip: Be sure to get seedless watermelon, picking out the seeds will create more work… and more mess to clean up!
Check out this recipe
10 Watermelon Smoothie Recipes

Try This “Before Workout” Breakfast:

These 10 pre workout meals for weight loss help you burn fat and built lean muscle.

With 10 meal prep before workout breakfast recipes, you’ll be ready all week for your morning workouts! And if you workout in the afternoon, try these pre workout lunches and dinners!

31 High Protein Before Workout Lunches
These 31 High Protein Lunches are all low calorie and high protein!
Packed with metabolism boosting ingredients to help you burn fat faster, and keep weight off during weight maintenance.
Special Tip: Each of these high in protein lunches come with a printable recipe card. Click the link to get the free recipe card!
Check out this recipe
high protein lunches
20 Best Meal Prep Before Workout Dinners
These 20 meal prep dinners for weight loss are all under 500 calories, and packed with protein.
With vegan, vegetarian, and meaty meal prep dinners, there's something for everyone in this weight loss dinner list.
Special Tip: Each of these meal prep weight loss dinners come with a printable recipe card. Just click on the link to collect the free recipe card!
Check out this recipe
weight loss meal prep dinners
10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

10 BEST Pre Workout Breakfasts

Lose Weight By Eating
These Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts are easy and yummy!
With OVER 10 meal prep breakfasts for weight loss to choose from, we know you'll find several that you love.
Special Tip: Click the links to print out the free meal prep breakfast recipes!
5 from 1 vote
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 6 breakfasts
Calories 108 kcal


  • Choose 2-3 meal prep breakfasts.
  • Click on the links to collect the recipe cards (you can print them too!)
  • Meal Prep your breakfasts and enjoy all week long.


Serving: 1mealCalories: 108kcal
Keyword breakfast, meal prep
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

FAQ – Pre Workout Foods Q&A

What should I eat before I workout?

The best pre workout foods will be a healthy balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats. You need carbs for fuel, protein for energy, and healthy fats to tell you body to burn off fat. If you workout after breakfast- Try this Protein Oatmeal Recipe with Bananas and Almonds.

Is it OK to workout on an empty stomach?

Some will tell you that you can lose more weight by working out on an empty stomach. But the downfall in that is your body won’t have the full it needs to keep going, and can lead to binge eating later. Try these 10 Healthy Pre Workout Foods instead!

What are good foods to eat pre-workout?

The 10 BEST Pre-Workout Foods (recipes included!)
1. Nuts
2. Oatmeal
3. Greek yogurt
4. Eggs
5. Banana
6. Green Smoothie
7. Quinoa
8. Sweet Potato
9. Protein Shake
10. Watermelon

Which drink is best before workout?

The Best Drinks Before Workout:
1. Water
2. Green Smoothie (recipe included)
3. Protein Shake (recipe included)
4. Watermelon smoothie (recipe included)
5. Banana Smoothie (recipe included)

Can we eat banana before workout?

Bananas are one of the top 10 healthiest before workout foods! It’s light and filling, and at just 100 calories the perfect pre-workout snack! Try out this Banana Protein Oatmeal (it has 5 of the best 10 pre workout foods in it!)

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