Weight Loss Struggles: Party Time!

So, you have mastered your diet, you feel in control of your food intake. Then, it’s PARTY TIME! You go to a party and everything served is processed, junk and just not good for you food… what do you do?

I have this happen all the time, plus I travel a lot and stay in hotels or at friend’s homes and this is something I have had to master. Remember I never say “rules” because I am a rebel and rules are made to be broken, I say goals because don’t we all want to meet the goals we set for ourselves?

Here are some goals to work on:

1. Be polite!

2. Make the best choices you can.

3. Be prepared.

4. Be easy on yourself!

1. Be polite-

Don’t get upset or flustered and please do not let your host make you something special. They have enough going on being a good host. The only thing you can do is look fabulous in your new skinny-er body and “lead by example” (more on #2 about this).

I have this happen often, I go to a friend’s house for dinner and they try to “fatten me up” I’m not kidding! So I enjoy everything they put in front of me , but I have just a little and say “I’m stuffed, that was amazing!” I try to fill up on veggies and salad. Don’t think about the calories right now, just be polite!

2. Make the best choices you can-

If you have lost weight people who have not will be watching! Trust me… I know! You need to lead by example and show them how you lost the weight. Find the veggie tray and load up and go for the hot food which will be less likely to have preservatives in them.

If you are at a party and everything served is processed except for some delicious but naughty dish such as a tray of lasagna, what do you do? Go for the lasagna, have just enough to get you through then go home or out to dinner after the party and get some real food.

3. Be Prepared-

If you know you are going to be at a party full of naughty foods eat ahead of time! Make a nice small healthy dinner and enjoy, then go to the party and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer and know that you deserve this little treat because you have made good choices all day.

In my case tonight I am spending the night at a very dear friend’s house, she is an award winning Apple Pie Baker and you better believe I am going to down a big slice of apple pie tonight when I arrive! BUT I will make good choices all day today so that when I devourer that pie later I won’t feel bad about myself. I know it is all natural, I have seen and helped her bake them before. The pie is not low calorie (and I wouldn’t want it to be!) but my friends… you only live once eat the freaking pie!

4. Be easy on yourself-

We all make mistakes, have a few things we know we shouldn’t eat and feel bad. I am here to tell you: DON’T FEEL BAD, JUST GET OVER IT!

How many time have you started a “diet” just to overeat and then give up? Well, this is not a diet this is a new lifestyle for you and you can’t just give up on life! When you make a mistake GET OVER IT! I make mistakes and I get over them and look at me now I lost 150 pounds in a year!

When you are in public situations.. Parties, dinner parties, weddings, holidays and all public events don’t throw your good eating habits out of the window, but also don’t over think it! Follow the above goals and set some for yourself, make good choices and if you mess up get over it! Tomorrow is a new day.

Life is too short… just eat the damn pie!

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