Smart Swaps #2, make the most out of every meal and cut some calories!

Here are the items you usually see on the naughty list, if you are anything like me you have failed every fad diet you have ever tried. The reason my plan works is because it is NOT A DIET! You can have anything you want in moderation, anything! Now if you want to have a cocktail every day, or chocolate every night then read below, because you CAN. You just need a few smart swaps to make it a daily indulgence instead a once a month indulgence. Don’t ever take your favorite splurges out of your diet, it is sure to end badly. And never reward yourself with food, you are not a dog my dear!


Wine is a great swap, there are no mixers therefore no extra sugar added. A glass of red or white wine is only 120 calories. Champagne is only 78 calories! Compare that to a Mai Tai at 260 calories and a Margarita at 232 calories, plus red wine is good for your heart.

Old Fashioned Martinis are also great swaps, you get some serious bang for your buck here! Big buzz for only 135 calories, compare to an apple martini for 235 calories it is a no brainer.


Dark Chocolate is a great swap for only 60 calories, I personally eat a small piece of dark chocolate every night. I go to Trader Joe’s and get the best bar I can find, then I hide it from the rest of my family and have just one little square a day. I know it sounds like tremendous self control, but wouldn’t you rather have a small amount of chocolate each day than one big bar of it a month? Plus dark chocolate has Antioxidants in it, it’s good for you 😉

Fruit sprinkled with powdered sugar and chopped mint is fantastic and looks so fancy at a dinner party. Buy what you can get on sale, I never buy any full priced fruit if it is not on sale it probably is not in full bloom now and therefore not as flavorful. You can stock up on berries and freeze them or even buy frozen bags of berries or peaches, add a little lemon juice to the top and you will be in heaven. 1 cup of berries with 3 tsp sugar is only 100 calories.

Cheese and Milk

Parmesan cheese is a great swap, it has so much flavor therefore you don’t have to use as much. The goal here is to go for strong cheeses, taking cheese out of your diet all together is cruel, so try to go for strong, stinky cheese and if you can find it, good low fat cheese. Trader Joe’s is a great place to stock up for cheep.

Almond Milk is a fantastic swap, it is only 40 calories per cup! That is 100 calories less than 2% milk! Here is the key, I use it in recipes because it does not taste exactly like milk if you just drink it out of a glass, but in mac and cheese, pudding, cake and cookies you can cut some serious calories. Best of all it lasts forever in your fridge.


Soda water has become my new favorite beverage, I put it in wine glasses and feel like I am indulging. I drink so much of the stuff my Hubby and Daughter got me a Sodastream for Mother’s Day.

Tea is also a great swap, for ZERO calories it is hard to pass up. I like it iced, hot anyway I can get it. Just skip those sugar packets, and even worse the pretty pink, blue and yellow packets. That all chemicals people, stay away!

Here is my last word on soda:

Soda is NASTY!! All that sugar and no benefit to your body, or WORSE diet soda, full of chemicals and salt. I gave up all sodas about 3 months into my weight loss journey and the 1st week I was off all diet soda I dropped 10 lbs. I found that I was not craving the sweetness of soda but the bubbles, get some club soda and try the swap.

So, do you have any requests on more smart swaps?

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