How to Stop Emotional Eating

In one day I have gotten 5 questions about how to stop emotional eating, one day! I thought the chances of there being more of you out there, was about 97 out of 100.

So, you have had a horrible day, you are driving home (late, of course) and you pass your favorite drive through/bakery/ice cream shop all you can think is that burger/cookie/ice cream will make it all better. How do you beat it and stop the emotional eating? I will tell you how…

First pick something you LOVE to shop for, besides cookies and ice cream. Do you love getting new makeup, hair products, pretty stationary, nail polish or a frilly pair of panties? Think about it, if you love many things make a list then narrow it down by price, we are looking for a $5-$15 price range, something tangible.

Next I want you to locate it on your drive home from work. You may be surprised to find that the Drug Store, Victoria’s Secret, Beauty Supply Store are next to your old drive through/bakery/ice cream shop. Make sure you can envision the drive there from work, or home, this is important later. And please don’t pick Target, you know no woman on this earth can get in and out of there for under $15!

How to Stop Emotional EatingLast envision your new skinny life:

Do you pick up the food from drive through/bakery/ice cream shop and bring it home? This one is for you:

Envision yourself stressed out at work, what a horrible day, you get off work you get in your car and put on your favorite song, you drive to the drugstore on your way home and get a new color of nail polish, you go home and you paint your toe nails bright red, with every stroke of polish the stresses of the day melt away, as it dries you feel relaxed rejuvenated and sexy as hell!

Do you usually eat that drive through/bakery/ice cream shop food in the car before you get home? This one is for you:

Envision you are stressed out at work, what a horrible day, you get off work you get in your car, you drive straight to the drugstore on your way home, you pick out a new shade of lipstick, something new and a little different, you get in your car and slowly put it on, you can feel the silky texture soothing all the day’s stresses away, you look at yourself in the mirror, damn you look hot! You turn on your favorite song and blast it all the way home, bad day? What bad day?

Do you usually eat that drive through/bakery/ice cream shop  food there at the shop? This one is for you:

Envision you are stressed out at work, what a horrible day, you get off work you get in your car and turn on your favorite song, you drive straight to Victoria’s Secret, as you walk into the store and smell the sweet perfume you feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders, you walk over to a table of beautifully displayed frilly pink panties, as you pick up a pair a little stress melts away, you pick up a baby blue pair and even more stress is released, you are relaxing so much you hear yourself sigh, you pick out a pair and take it to the cashier, as you walk out of the store clutching your pink striped bag you feel renewed and confident you have a new pair of fancy panties to make you feel like the sexy woman that you are.

Do you feel relaxed? Did reading that help? Imagine how much more relief you will get from new makeup than from junk food? You feel sexy and hot after, not fat and ashamed! You even have something tangible when it is all over, usually you just have heart burn now you have something new to get excited about.

Not a girlie girl? How about new camping supplies (one of my weaknesses) new cooking or BBQ supplies? This way you can go home and cook with your new goodies.

Now next time you have a bad day just say to yourself, I can’t wait till this day is over so I can go home and paint my nails/pick out new lipstick/go to Victoria’s Secret.

How to Stop Emotional EatingI know a lot of you will say “but I also need to feed my family, so can’t I go through the drive through and get a salad?” and as noble as that sounds you know the first time you will get a salad and by next week you will be back to your old habits. Instead COOK!

If you cook on most nights and store leftovers in the freezer as complete meals you can come home, grab a Tupperware of frozen Chili, or some leftover Homemade Pizza, toss it in the microwave for the family and go on with painting your nails, or playing with your new goodie. For those nights where going out to dinner is a must, read my Skinny Tips for Eating Out.

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