Acceptance is Key in Weight Loss

We always want what we can’t have and nit pick ourselves in the pursuit of perfection. How can that be healthy? Not to mention all the ridiculous pictures we look at like this beautiful Victoria’s Secret model. I have to ask you, if you compare yourself to this woman how does that make you feel about yourself? Not good, right?

This woman’s body is not the rule, it’s the exception! A beautiful (airbrushed) freak of nature! We have to STOP THE CYCLE and start accepting what we CAN do and what we CAN change and stop holding ourselves and our body to an expectation that could be unachievable.


I’ve been working on this for myself as well, I’m 33, I look the best I have in my life… but there are still a few things I would change if I could. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I need to embrace my body now at its peak because when I’m 80 I will look back at myself at this age and think “damn I looked good” I don’t want any regret.

Here are some goals I have set for myself, and I recommend you work on now so when you get close to your goal weight and you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model you will be OK with that.

  1. I will accept my body as it is and concentrate on health.
  2. I will stop comparing myself to airbrushed models.
  3. I will ROCK a bathing suit this summer and get over my cellulite.
  4. I will stop working to get to my goal 118 lbs weight, it’s been 2 years and 125 lbs is just fine!
  5. I will stop fixating on imperfections and start fixating on my “best” parts.


I will leave you with one last note, I recently got down to 120 lbs and I realized that last 5 lbs was all boob weight, seriously! So I had to get over my “ultimate goal” and accept that 125-135 lbs is my perfect weight. Not because society says so, because that is the weight that I look and feel the best.

This is not about settling, it’s about ACCEPTANCE. You only get one body, love it don’t hate it! And remember, nothing is more sexy than CONFIDENCE!

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