30 Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes

Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes

These Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes are all healthy and delicious. They are 100% all-natural and can work for a large range of diets.

Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes

From meaty to vegetarian breakfasts, make ahead and meal prep options. And even some low calorie gluten-free breakfast options!

All of these Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes have great reviews and include easy to find ingredients.

30 Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes

All of these Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes come with printable recipe cards, shopping lists, and nutrition labels.

1. Low Calorie High Protein Banana Pancakes

These Low Calorie High Protein Banana Pancakes are just 41 calories each! They have no flour and are so healthy and delicious, I know you’ll love them!

At just 41 calories, you can have the entire batch of healthy protein banana pancakes (though I assure you that you won’t be able to finish them!) for just 410 calories!

2. Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Eggs

These Low Calorie Healthy Yogurt Eggs are just 156 per serving, and packed with 20g of protein too! 

Try these extra creamy eggs for breakfast or brunch. They are great alone, over toast. So no matter how you serve them, I know you’ll love the healthy recipe!

3. Low Calorie High Protein Grated Egg Avocado Toast

This Low Calorie Grated Egg Avocado Toast is just 185 calories, and it’s so easy to make. I know you’ll love this healthy version!

Each low calorie high protein toast has 9.5g of protein. And the calories are so low you can have 2 servings to boost protein without going over your calorie budget!

4. Low Calorie High Protein Donuts

These Low Calorie High Protein Donuts are just 86 calories each, and have 7.7g of protein! They are also low sugar and low carb.

Curb your sweet tooth first thing in the morning with this healthy protein packed breakfast recipe!

5. Low Calorie High Protein Frittata

This Healthy Frittata is just 65 calories and packed with 6g of protein per slice! It’s also low carb and low sugar, and so easy to make. 

This low calorie frittata is packed with flavor and so impressive. It makes a great weekend breakfast or brunch. You can easily boost the protein by having 2 slices (for just 130 calories!)

6. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Hash

This Healthy Breakfast Hash is low calorie and packed with good for you ingredients!

The low calorie breakfast hash is just 256 calories for a huge portion, and it comes with 5 yummy protein add-ins and lots of delicious toppings as well.

7. Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Toast

This Low Calorie Yogurt Toast is just 109 calories and has 7.2g of protein! (Boost the protein by having 2 low calorie servings!)

Plus you can choose the berries you want to use, jazz it up with lemon zest (or not) and make this recipe in just 15 minutes.

8. Low Calorie High Protein Meal Replacement Smoothie

This vegan Weight Loss Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe is just 317 calories, and it has 26.5g of protein!

This protein packed breakfast smoothie is great on the go, so take it with you to work or school!

9. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Sandwiches

These Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwiches are just 204 calories, have 13g of protein, and come with 5 optional add-in protein boosts! So you can boost the protein more!

And even the English muffins are packed with protein, they are made with greek yogurt!!

10. Low Calorie High Protein Bagels

These Low Calorie Bagels are just 105 calories and have 13.1g of protein per bagel! 

Best of all, these healthy bagels need just 3 main ingredients and come with all your favorite add-ins and toppings. So you can make Everything, Cheddar Jalapeño, Cinnamon Raisin, even Asiago Cheese Bagels!

11. Low Calorie High Protein Scrambled Egg Toast

This Low Calorie Scrambled Egg Toast Recipe is just 156 calories, has 11.8g of protein, and it’s low carb!

It also comes with a toppings guide, and lots of ingredients to add in with the eggs to boost nutrition (and protein) in this healthy breakfast recipe.

12. Low Calorie High Protein Ham Breakfast Casserole

This Low Calorie Ham and Potato Breakfast Casserole is just 284 calories and has 20.7g of protein!

You can make this healthy ham Strada the night before. Cover it with foil and let it marinate, then bake it the next day. But you can also bake it right away!

13. Low Calorie High Protein Mango Smoothie Bowl

This low calorie mango smoothie bowl recipe is healthy and easy to make! It’s just 252 calories and is packed with 17g of protein!

Along with a protein packed tropical smoothie bowl recipe, you’ll find healthy smoothie bowl toppings and ideas.

14. Low Calorie High Protein Waffles

These Healthy Low Calorie Protein Waffles are just 161 calories and have 18.3g of protein per low calorie waffle!

This healthy protein waffle recipe is also low sugar and so easy to make (in just 10 minutes- start to finish!)

15. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Skillet

This low calorie high protein breakfast skillet is just 347 calories and packed with 21.1g of protein.

Originally made to use up leftover holiday ham, there are serval protein add-ins you can swap the ham for, or add in to add more protein!

16. Low Calorie High Protein Vanilla Coffee Smoothie

This Low Calorie Vanilla Coffee Smoothie Recipe is quick and easy. It has 22.7g of protein and is just 235 calories!

Plus, this coffee protein shake comes with a toppings guide, including directions on how to make the pretty frothy topping shown in the photos.

17. Low Calorie High Protein Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These Low Calorie Ricotta Lemon Pancakes are easy and delicious! And at just 109 calories, you can have 3 or 4! And the protein (7.5g per pancake) can be boosted by having more than 1.

Plus, there’s a toppings guide, meal prep tips and more to make the recipe easy and accessible.

18. Low Calorie High Protein Chocolate Muffins

These Low Calorie Chocolate Protein Muffins are HUGE, and just 186 calories! And they are made with chocolate protein powder!

Make this chocolate protein muffin recipe for meal prep breakfasts. They travel well and are very filling.

19. Low Calorie High Protein Pina Colada Smoothies

This Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Recipe is just 235 calories, and has over 27 grams of protein!

The protein pina colada smoothie is creamy, and delicious! It’s packed with weight loss ingredients to boost fat loss!

20. Low Calorie High Protein Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This Low Calorie Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Chips is just 84 calories, and has 7.2g of protein per pancake!

These healthy protein pancakes can be made in just 10 minutes!

21. Low Calorie High Protein Cottage Cheese Toasts

These cottage cheese toast recipes are sweet and tart, and almost taste like cheesecake!

With just 142 calories and 1.5g of protein each, you can have 2 for a protein packed breakfast!

22. Low Calorie High Protein Matcha Latte

This Healthy Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe is packed with protein, thanks to plant based protein powder.

With 12 grams of protein, and just 98 calories, this “copycat” Starbucks matcha latte makes a great light breakfast. Or protein supplement for a low calorie breakfast like the light breakfasts above.

23. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Quesadillas

At just 393 calories, this healthy breakfast quesadilla is the perfect amount of calories for a healthy breakfast.

Packed with 18.6g of protein this delicious breakfast will keep you full for hours!

24. Low Calorie High Protein Oatmeal

These 10 Healthy Protein Oatmeal Recipes are all low calorie oatmeal recipes, and packed with healthy protein.

Starting at 366 calories with 20g of protein, this metabolism boosting recipe will keep you full for hours!

25. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Tacos

This Healthy Breakfast Tacos Recipe is just 143 calories and has 7.7g of protein per taco.

You can have 2 tacos, or add some breakfast meat to the tacos to boost the protein count even more, you certainly have the calories leftover to do so.

26. Low Calorie High Protein Mocha Smoothie

This Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake for Weight Loss is just 160 calories and has 12.2g of protein!

Best of all, there are lots of protein add-ins included so that you can easily double or triple the protein easily!

27. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Burritos

These low calorie breakfast burritos are just 343 calories and have 14.7g of protein!

Plus, there are protein boost add-ins supplied so you can boost the protein amount even more!

28. Low Calorie High Protein Spinach Omelet

This Healthy Omelet with Spinach and Cheese is just 204 calories and has over 17 grams of protein! 

The low calorie omelette recipe calls for Swiss cheese, but it works with any cheese you like. The best is “white cheeses” like feta, Swiss, or goat cheese in this vegetarian omelet recipe though.

29. Low Calorie High Protein Tofu Scramble

This low calorie breakfast tofu scramble is only 149 calories for 1 1/2 cups, and is packed with 13.2g of protein!

This tofu scramble tastes like a scrambled egg dish, but works great for vegan cooks, and those looking to reduce calories.

30. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Casserole

This easy recipe for low calorie breakfast casserole is low calorie and delicious! At only 131 calories per serving you can even have seconds! Plus you can make this as part of your weekly meal prep.

Each serving has 9.1g of protein, but as noted, you can have seconds which will boost protein while keeping this a low calorie breakfast!

31. Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Bowls

I realize that I said above that you ‘ll find 30 recipes in this article, but this new recipe is so amazing, I just had to add it in.

These Healthy Breakfast Bowls are just 198 calories, and are packed with 12.7g of protein! And they come with lots of protein add-ins too!

30 Low Calorie High Protein Breakfasts

Low Calorie High Protein Breakfast Recipes

30 Low Calorie High Protein Breakfasts

Lose Weight By Eating
These 30 Low Calorie High Protein Breakfasts are healthy and delicious!
With vegan, gluten-free, meaty and sweet breakfast treats all diets and cravings will be met with this list of high protein weight loss breakfasts!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
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Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American, French, Mexican
Servings 30 recipes
Calories 90 kcal


  • Choose the low calorie high protein breakfast you want to make.
  • Click on the recipe to collect the printable recipe card.
  • Enjoy your healthy protein packed breakfasts!


Calories: 90kcal
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