30 BEST Low Calorie Dinner Recipes (UNDER 400 CALORIES)

low calorie dinners

These 30 low calorie dinner recipes are healthy delicious! All of these dinner recipes are under 400 calories, with printable recipe cards, shopping lists and nutrition labels.

When looking for healthy ideas for dinner, I always want full flavor, family friendly, and simple recipes. All of these low calorie dinners make supper easy and crave-worthy!

low calorie dinners

All of these healthy dinner recipes are 100% all natural and packed with goof for you ingredients. After years of writing 4 best selling low calorie cookbooks, you could say I know a thing about delicious low calorie dinners.

30 BEST Low Calorie Dinner Recipes

These low calorie dinner ideas are all 5 star rated and long time reader favorites. Many have been featured in the media (the Pizza recipe below I cooked on the Rachael Ray Show!) Or in my bestselling cookbooks.

1. Chicken Pho (30 Minute Meal)

This healthy dinner recipe is made in only 30 minutes, and it under 300 calories per serving.

To keep this recipe for dinner easy, we rely on store-bought chicken bone broth. You can also use chicken broth in this recipe. So if that’s all you have on hand, don’t run to the store for bone broth.

Next time you want to try a new recipe for dinner on a weeknight, try this wonderful Pho Recipe. It’s delicious, easy to make, full of healthy ingredients, and super low in calories.

2. Chicken Enchiladas

This wonderful easy enchilada recipe is 369 calories and is a great meal prep dinner.

I like to make triple the enchilada sauce, and freeze it in bags. This way when I want to make this easy recipe for dinner, all I have to do is defrost the sauce and pick up a rotisserie chicken at the store on my way home.

If you’re looking for low calorie ideas for dinner, this one is both low in calories and will help curb your cravings. It’s not as heavy as traditional chicken enchiladas and you’ll even feel good about yourself after you eat it.

3. Chili Recipes (Slow Cooker or Instant Pot)

These 10 chili recipes (yes I said 10 recipes!) range from vegan to meat packed. You can make these low calorie dinner recipes on the stove top, in the slow cooker… even in the instant pot!

No matter what kind of protein you want to add to your chili, this easy dinner recipe has you covered.

Try one, or all 10 of these easy chili recipes. Starting at only 84 calories, you can have seconds, or add lots of yummy toppings without any guilt!

4. Chicken Pad Thai (25 Minute Meal)

This wonderful Chicken Pad Thai Recipe is from my best selling cookbook Easy Dinners. You can get the full recipe by clicking the photo or the recipe card below and check out one of the most popular reader favorite recipes.

If you’re looking for a quick dinner ideas, this 25 minute 369 calorie dinner is a wonderful one to try!

All of the recipes in this article are easy dinners, but this one actually comes from the Easy Dinners Cookbook!

5. Turkey Meatloaf (only 174 calories)

This extra low calorie turkey meatloaf is wonderful served alongside a crisp salad.

I like to pick up a bag of salad, my favorite is the shredded kale and broccoli most stores sell, and serve it alongside this delicious meatloaf recipe.

No matter what you serve with this healthy meatloaf recipe, be sure to save leftovers for meatloaf sandwiches tomorrow!

6. Crockpot Beef Stew

This low calorie crockpot dinner recipe can be prepped in the morning, cook while your at work, and you’ll come home to the most amazing dinner recipe you’ve ever had!

This low calorie beef stew is only 205 calories per serving! It makes wonderful leftovers, and is a fantastic meal prep dinner.

If you’re looking for more slow cooker dinner ideas, keep scrolling… there are many more below.

7. Fried Rice (with Chicken, Pork or Tofu)

This low calorie fried rice comes with 10 recipes! You’ll find 10 different ways to make this easy dinner recipe. From vegan to meat packed. Even a Thai Pineapple Fried Rice recipe!

Try one, or all 10 of these dinner ideas, starting at only 185 calories it’s hard to resist!

Find 10 different recipes for fried rice. I’m partial to Chicken Fried Rice for dinner, but some love the Shrimp Fried Rice more… And yes, this is a full meal when you add protein!

8. Homemade Pizza (3 Slices for 344 Calories)

You read that correctly, this low calorie pizza is only 344 calories for 3 slices!

Best of all, you can make 3 pizzas from this recipe! I like to make the dough and the sauce, freeze 2 dough balls and 2 bags of sauce, along with the cheese (yes you can freeze cheese) and toppings. I place everything for one pizza in a gallon freezer bag for easy prepped dinners.

3 Pizzas for the price of one… If you make Margarita Pizzas (like the photo above) you can make 3 pizzas for as low as just $5!

9. Crockpot Chicken Tacos

These extra easy chicken tacos can be prepped in just 3 minutes! You can prep and walk away for the entire day and you’ll come home the the most wonderful shredded chicken tacos you’ve ever had!

Do you remember the chicken enchiladas above? I use leftover Crockpot Chicken Tacos in the filling for the enchiladas whenever I have extras. I highly recommend!

You can use this chicken taco filling over salads. in enchiladas, even in soup! I love using the leftovers in new ways!

10. Turkey Meatballs in the Crock Pot

These turkey meatballs are gluten free and only 124 calories! I like to serve them with a crisp salad and a slice or two of French bread.

Slow cooker dinner ideas can really help you get dinner on the table with minimal effort! I like to meal prep these meatballs and freeze them before cooking. Then on the day of the meal I add then to the crockpot along with some sauce, and by that night I have a wonderful, easy recipe for dinner.

Cooking dinner in a crockpot means you can cook while you are at work. Simply add everything to the slow cooker, turn it on low, and 6-8 hours later your dinner is done and waiting at home for you.

11. Low Calorie Mac and Cheese (25 Minute Dinner)

This low calorie Mac and Cheese recipe is completely delicious! It’s only 325 calories and I like to serve it with a crisp salad.

What’s not to love when it comes to Mac and Cheese?! This wonderful dish can be made in just 25 minutes, holds well in the fridge for up to 4 days, and is quite the crowd pleaser!

The next time you have a craving to Mac and Cheese while on a diet, try this recipe! It’s low in calories but will curb your cravings and help you stay on track with your diet!

12. White Chicken Chili (in the Slow Cooker or Instant Pot)

Here’s another low calorie dinner recipe from my best selling cookbook Easy Dinners. Follow the link below to get the full recipe!

This white chicken chili recipe can be made in the slow cooker or the Instant pot! Plus it’s only 310 calories!!

Try this healthy dinner recipe! It’s low in calories, can be made fast (in the Instant Pot) or slow (in a Crockpot) directions for both are included.

13. Fast Fajitas (Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Shrimp recipes)

Below you will find 4 different links to these fajitas dinner recipes. From vegetarian to steak fajitas… all the bases have been covered in these low calorie recipes for dinner.

Starting at just 63 calories per serving, these low calorie, easy recipes for dinner are great for any diet!

Because the way this fajitas post has been set up, you have 4 recipes cards to choose from… And doesn’t everyone love more options?

14. Chicken Alfredo over Fettuccine (30 Minute Dinner)

This 30 minute dinner recipe is only 392 calories and completely crave-worthy!

Try out this low calorie chicken Alfredo recipe, swimming in real pasta and wonderful homemade Alfredo sauce… you’ll never believe how healthy it really is!

Yes! Finally! A diet meal with real pasta! This meal is delicious, curbs your cravings, and keeps you on plan with this dinner idea under 400 calories.

15. Kung Pao Chicken (20 Minute Dinner)

Here’s one of the spicier low calorie recipes for dinner… You can omit the peppers if you do not like spicy food.

If you’re a Chinese Recipe fan, be sure to scroll up and check out the 10 Fried Rice Recipes above!

At only 286 calories, you’re not only saving money by skipping the take-out… You’re also saving calories and possibly your diet.

16. Carbonara Pasta Recipe (30 Minute Dinner)

Here’s another recipe from my best selling cookbook Easy Dinners! It can be made in just 30 minutes and is a reader favorite!

You get to have real bacon, real pasta, this is quite the delicious diet recipe!

If you love this 30 minute easy dinner recipe, you’ll love all of the recipes in my best selling cookbook Easy Dinners!

17. Chicken Quesadillas (20 Minute Dinner)

These Chicken Quesadillas are only 255 calories! They are packed full of protein rich chicken, veggies and just the right amount of cheese.

This 20 minute dinner is great for the entire family! Kids love to eat with their hands… why not go with it tonight!

Ideas for dinner can be simple and proud pleasers when you make them right. These Chicken Quesadillas have veggies and protein, they are a complete meal!

18. Baked Ziti (30 Minute Dinner)

This easy recipe for dinner is only 255 calories and takes just 30 minutes to make!

I adore pasta, and I know that if I give it up for a diet, that diet is doomed to fail. Instead I create healthy, low calorie pasta dishes I can have without effecting my diet… Like this low calorie baked ziti.

You’re just 30 minutes away from a 255 calorie pasta dish that will curb all your cravings! Try this vegetarian dish the next time you have a pasta craving.

19. Easy Carnitas Recipes (Instant Pot and Slow Cooker)

These easy carnitas can be made in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot, plus they are only 112 calories per cup! That’s a lot of tacos…

At just 112 calories you can load up your tacos, you can also add these carnitas to salads, in Enchiladas or quesadillas, and in soups.

Save 100’s of calories in these easy dinner recipes! You can make these carnitas fast (in an Instant Pot) or slow (in a slow cooker).

20. Teriyaki Chicken Recipe (15 Minute Dinner)

You can cook this low calorie dinner recipe in just 10 minutes! Plus a couple minutes for prep time, and you have the perfect dinner.

If you’re looking for chicken ideas for dinner, try this one. It’s only 279 calories and is made in less time than it takes to make rice!

These easy recipes for dinner will help curb your cravings and keep you away from the take-out food. Saving you money, calories and your diet.

21. Chicken Noodle Soup (30 Minute Dinner)

This low calorie dinner recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup is only 117 calories for 2 cups! Plus you can make it in just 30 minutes!

This healthy, easy recipe for dinner is great on cold days! It makes wonderful leftovers for lunches and is great when overcoming an illness.

Healthy recipes for dinner don’t have to take hours of prep and cooking… This easy dinner recipe is made in 30 minutes, from start to finish.

22. Easy Ceviche Recipe (No Cook Recipe)

This wonderful dinner recipe requires no cooking at all! You marinate the fish or shrimp in lime juices until it cures giving it a “cooked” consistency.

Try this 101 calorie recipe over tostadas, it’s so low in calories you can have seconds and maybe even thirds!

This no cook low calorie dinner recipe is great for hot summer nights when you don’t want to turn on the oven.

23. Low Calorie Lasagna

This low calorie lasagna does take a bit more prep work, but I’ve kept this dinner recipe easy by using no boil lasagna sheets.

I love the no boil sheets, it makes layering lasagna easy and saves about 45 minutes of work!

This low calorie lasagna recipe is only 361 calories! It freezes wonderfully and is quite the crowd pleaser!

24. Easy Chilaquiles Recipe (10 Minute Vegetarian Dinner)

This traditional Mexican breakfast has become quite the popular vegetarian dinner! This recipe takes only 10 minutes to make and is only 141 calories!

Eggs are a great, low calorie source of protein. And this savory dish makes a wonderful fast dinner idea.

This vegetarian dinner recipe is low in calories and can be made in just 10 minutes!

25. Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers (5 Recipes from Vegetarian to Meaty)

Stuffed bell peppers can make great, easy recipes for dinners. This link will take you to 5 different stuffed bell pepper recipes from vegan to beef and everything in-between.

Starting at just 166 calories, this easy dinner recipe can be doubled or tripled depending on how many calories you plan on having for dinner.

From vegan, to chicken, beef and even pork recipes all included in this easy stuffed bell pepper dinner recipe.

26. Shrimp Scampi with Linguine (20 Minute Dinner)

This is a great shrimp dinner recipe! It’s only 266 calories, and it can be made in just 20 minutes.

It has real pasta in it too… Talk about a perfect crave-worthy recipe for dinner!

Try out this 266 calorie shrimp and pasta recipe. It’s fast, and easy, and one of the most popular low calorie dinner recipes on Lose Weight By Eating.

27. Beef Taco Recipe (15 Minute Dinner)

These low calorie beef taco recipes for dinner can be made in just 15 minutes!

No matter how you choose to use this beef taco filling, at only 179 calories you can add it to tacos, burritos, over salads, in enchiladas or even quesadillas.

I like to use soft or hard corn shells for this beef taco filling. They allow me to pile it high with lettuce and tomato, without adding too many calories.

28. Skillet Pork Chop Recipes (5 Recipes)

Here, you’ll find 5 different easy stove top pork chop recipes. They take only 20 minutes to make and start at only 243 calories.

Try a crispy fried pork chop or a BBQ pork chop in these 5 recipes for pork chops.

With 5 different healthy pork chop recipes, you’re tastebuds will never be bored again!

29. Recipes for Baked Salmon (5 Recipes)

If salmon is more your mood for dinner tonight, try one of these 5 recipes for salmon. They are done in just 20 minutes and start at only 150 calories!

I love to add the Miso Orange Salmon over a crisp salad, or pair the Lemon Chive Salmon with my Low Calorie Mashed Potatoes.

Here you will find 5 different, low calorie salmon recipes for dinner.

30. Low Calorie Chicken Parmesan Recipe

So this wonderful recipe for dinner almost did not make this list, as it’s 408 calories… But I thought you might forgive me 8 calories since it’s such a delicious recipe.

This low calorie Chicken Parmesan recipe is a wonderful dinner recipe, and very impressive.

This healthy dinner recipe idea goes great with salad. It’s a BIG portion, so don’t be surprised if the chicken fills you up on it’s own.

Low Calorie Dinners

low calorie dinners

30 Low Calories Dinners (Under 400 Calories)

Lose Weight By Eating
All 30 of these easy dinner recipes are under 400 calories, and can be made fast, or ahead of time.
Try these amazing healthy dinners this week, thanks to this article you can print all 30 recipes in handy recipe card form!
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Servings 1 dinner
Calories 350 kcal


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