Fruit Infused Water for Parties

Fruit Infused Water for Parties

Fruit Infused Water for Parties are a great way to introduce a healthy, non-alcoholic drink to your guests. They’re inexpensive and easy to make as well, and very impressive! Of course you can still serve the boozy stuff. However, this will cut costs and give your guests more options. Best of all, you most likely have most of the ingredients to make some of these in your home.

Infused waters are one of my favorite topics to talk about. So recently when eHow FOOD approached me and requested I add a “Fruit Infused Water for Parties” episode for my eHow Cooking Series, I jumped at the chance!

Fruit Infused Water is Great for Weight Loss and Maintenance!

Fruit infused water recipes are great for losing weight and better health. They taste delicious, but have almost zero calories which makes it a weight loss super drink.

I choose 3 infused water recipes to spoil your guests with. My famous Apple Cinnamon Water, my new Citrus Mojito and my all time favorite my Strawberry Mint Party Drink. Click the picture below to watch the video and get the delicious recipes.

If you’re looking for more Fruit Infused Water for Parties, check out my cookbook Lose Weight By Eating Detox Week. There’s a huge selection of Fruit Infused Water for parties and daily consumption. Plus homemade Fruit Infused sodas and lots of weight loss smoothies and recipes.

One last tip for hosting a great party full of Fruit Infused Water for Parties. Keep frozen fruit on hand! In a pinch you can make these drinks and use the fruit as ice cubes! One of my favorite ways to impress a surprise guest is to offer them water with a selection of fruit in place of ice cubes.

Watch the video, then check out more of Fruit Infused Drinks and find your new favorite weight loss recipes and tips at and on Facebook @ Lose Weight By Eating.

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