Fruit Infused Water Drinks For Parties

Infused waters are one of my favorite topics to talk about, so recently when eHow FOOD approached me and requested I add a “Fruit Infused Water Party Drinks” episode together for my eHow Cooking Series, I jumped at the chance!

Fruit infused water recipes are great for losing weight and better health. They taste delicious, but have almost zero calories which makes it a weight loss super drink.

I choose 3 infused water recipes to spoil your guests with, my famous Apple Cinnamon Water, my new Citrus Mojito and my all time favorite my Strawberry Mint Party Drink. Click the picture above to watch the video and get the delicious recipes.

Watch the video, then check out more of Fruit Infused Drinks and find your new favorite weight loss recipes and tips at and on Facebook @ Lose Weight By Eating. HAPPY COOKING!

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