Skinny Orange Dream Smoothie

Metabolism…. start your engine! This delicious Orange Dream Smoothie is packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients! Oranges are full of Vitamin C which is known to boost your metabolism, as is Greek yogurt at Almond milk. Talk about a...

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Day Spa Mango Mojito Water

This delicious Mango Mojito Infused Water is truly a healing elixir. The name sounds like a cocktail, but the Vitamin C and Mint will help you feel better in no time. On some of the comment boards people have...

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Healthy Ranch Dip Recipe with Cilantro & Jalapeno

This Healthy Ranch Dip Recipe with Cilantro & Jalapeno¬†is so easy and healthy you will be making it long after the potlucks and parties are over. It’s great with homemade chips, on fresh veggies and on top of salads....

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