French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water

You can have your own spa day at home with this delicious tummy calming, cancer fighting French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water. Your breath will be fresher, your tummy happy and your skin glowing after a day of drinking this water. If you don’t have a fancy little bag like the one shown just use a coffee filter, take a string off a tea bag and tie it up, easy right?!

Benefits of Drinking French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water

Having tummy trouble? Mint and Lavender both will cure a upset stomach and help flush your system. No wonder many Day Spas use both in their water, food and of course aromatherapy massages, facials and scrubs.

You can keep re-using the bag of spices until you no longer taste them. I like to re-fill my pitcher of water when there is about 1/3 left, this way the flavor is evenly distributed.

Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water
Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water
Makes one bag of French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water.

French Day Spa Lavender and Mint WaterIngredients:

  • 1 tbsp Lavender dried or fresh
  • 1/2 tbsp Mint dried or fresh
  • Tea bag or coffee filter and string from tea bag
  • Large Pitcher

Get Started:

Place Lavender and Mint on the baggie or coffee filter, tie up and place at the bottom of a large pitcher, cover in ice 1/3 full then fill the rest up with water. Place in fridge for 10 minutes before serving, pour into a favorite glass, I like wine glasses, I feel like I am indulging even though my drink is Zero calories.

Lose Weight By Eating cookbooks:


Need some good Lavender, I love all things local so I hit up the Farmers Market. If you are not lucky enough to have a Lavender vender at your Farmers Market try out Central Coast Lavender their products are all natural and very reasonable. If you liked this French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water recipe make sure to try out my Day Spa Cucumber Lemon Water too, it is great to detox after a weekend of too much drinking or eating… or both 😉

3 thoughts on “French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water”

  1. I found your website/blog last night when I couldn’t sleep and I’m so glad I did! I want to try all these waters but to start I made my own with mixing some ingredients I read on your page. First I cut up a medium fugi apple then 3-4 large fresh basil leaves crumpled in my hand finally cut about 15 blueberries in half. Put ice and water over it. Let sit its super good

  2. I can tell you my husband and daughter liked it so much one Saturday we had it for breakfast and then again for dinner! Try it out, easy and delicious 🙂


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