Day Spa Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple Water

This Day Spa Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple Water is delicious, but did you know both grapefruit and apple boost metabolism and curb your appetite? I love foods that help me with my weight loss journey and these two are big ones. Top that with water also curbing your appetite and you have a great refreshing drink that works for you!

A few months ago I created the now famous Apple Cinnamon Water for it’s Metabolism Boosting properties, but many people came back and said they were allergic to cinnamon so this one is for them and anyone else who wants to Lose Weight by Eating, well… in this case by drinking.

Use your favorite kind of apple I used a Green Apple because I wanted to play up the tartness of the grapefruit, if you like your drinks more on the sweet side use a Sweet Crisp or Fuji and use the whole thing. You can also squeeze the pineapple as you add it in, it might add between 5-10 calories to each glass but that is nothing! You burn 5 calories drinking the glass of water!

Makes 1 big pitcher of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple Water – you can re-fill 3-5 times.

Day Spa Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple WaterIngredients:

  • 1/2 Grapefruit
  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1/2 of a Pineapple- fresh
  • Ice and Water- Fizzy water is good too, just skip the ice.

Cut the grapefruit into medium sized slices, same with the apple and add into a pretty juice pitcher. Cut the pineapple into medium to thin slices, ideally you want to try and get all the slices about the same size. Add the pineapple squeezing a little if you want it sweeter, then top with 2 cups ice, top that with water and place in the fridge for 4 hours. Once you have enjoyed 1/2 of your pitcher of water re-fill it and you can repeat this as long as the flavor stays.

I hope you enjoy Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple Water can learn to enjoy flavored waters and put down sodas and fake sugar drinks like Crystal Light, Mios and Propel. Those are just chemicals, they are not good for you!

Lose Weight By Eating cookbooks:


22 thoughts on “Day Spa Grapefruit, Pineapple and Apple Water”

  1. I have many more recipes for delicious waters, and a eBook coming out this month that’s full of them, including a BIG metabolism boosting chapter.


  2. I also can not have grapefruit ( well not sapposed to) due to the thyroid meds im on any suggestions of course having the hypothyroid plus hormone issues its very very tough to loose weight but im so uncomfortable and would like to loose 15 20 if i could any suggestions will be appreciatec

  3. Hi Morgan,

    The first week I gave up Diet Sodas and all fake sugars I lost 10 lbs! I recommend you try it out for yourself, but YES the more water you drink the more weight you will lose. These waters will help you a little with the weight loss, but their main purpose is to get you drinking more and more water.

    It is getting increasingly difficult to reply to comments here (not sure why) so message me here and check out how much weight my Weight Loss Superstars are losing each week 🙂


  4. I am currently in a position to where I need to lose some weight. These drinks look wonderful and I am searching for something to take place of all the Soft Drinks I have been drinking. Would drinking these drinks and working out help me lose some weight?

  5. If you eat all natural foods, no fake sugars and this or any of my metabolism boosting drinks (I have 3) YES you will. I have had women lose more than 10 lbs in one week but this is the weekly average spread.

    I have lots of metabolism boosting meals, check them out:

    Here is an article I wrote about creating your own diet too:


  6. grapefruit also affects cholesterol statin medicines. It’s advised not to eat or drink it if you’re on them.

  7. Hi Marie,

    You can swap out the grapefruit for whatever fruit you prefer, it won’t boost metabolism as much but will curb your appetite for sure.

    I think with oranges or tangerines sounds delicious, but use whatever you have in your house.

    Thanks for your kind words 🙂 You made my day!


  8. Hi,

    Firstly – awesome recipes … love the “waters” .. always looking for alternative to “fake” stuff, and your water recipes are fabulous! I am so grateful I stumbled upon your site through pinterest!

    Re: the recipe with the grapefruit – grapefruit & grapefruit juice inhibit absorption of thyroid meds – what do you think of swapping the grapefruit for lemons ?? (or even oranges or tangerines)??

    Keep creating … you are fantastic! thanks …


  9. These water “recipes” sound amazing!! I cannot wait to try it.. I have restarted my weight loss journey and decided to stave off anything but water and green tea for a while.. this is definitely exciting for me!!!

  10. Hi Evie,

    First I have to say WAY TO GO!! Good job kicking that nasty habit! Are you looking to lose weight? Have you given up all fake sugars? Crystal Light, Mios, Propel, all that stuff is as bad as diet coke.

    Let me know how much weight you are trying to lose, if you are, and if you like I can help you with that. I myself lost 150 lbs in one year and I am so excited and enthusiastic with my new body and life that I want to share what I learned with everyone.

    Here is a good post to start with if you are looking to lose weight:

    Let me know how you like the water, if you are not a grapefruit lover add less of it and more of the other fruit, it is very strong.


  11. I put down Diet Sodas 17 days ago after a 20+ year habit! Yay me! I didn’t necessarily lose weight like people told me I would, but by drinking water all day, I have not had a headache in 17 days! I used to have them every few days, especially if I got too hot. I’ve also noticed that my skin (which I thought was dry) is now sorta oily. I guess I was extremely dehydrated. I can also jog nearly a whole lap at the track without losing my breath. (I could only go a few feet before. ) I can’t wait to try this version of your water. After drinking water all day, you kinda crave a different taste! Headed out now to get some pineapple! Thanks!

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