72 Metabolism Boosting Drinks for Weight Loss

metabolism boosting drinks

Here’s our collection of the best metabolism boosting drinks for weight loss.

In this post are natural weight loss boosters that are inexpensive, easy to make, taste delicious, and give your weight loss an extra boost!

metabolism boosting drinks

Did you know high quantities of water help to increase your metabolism? (1) This article will teach you how to speed up metabolism by simply swapping out what you drink per day.

This article is dedicated to taking the metabolism boosting properties of water to the next step, by adding fruits and herbs that are known to boost metabolism and increase energy.

Find the best metabolism boosting drinks for weight loosen the sections below…

The Best Metabolism Boosting Drinks for Weight Loss

We have included our reader favorites like our Apple Cinnamon Water and Mango Ginger Water. But we have also added in new recipes for burning fat drinks that have recently been posted to the website.

Also included, are several detox tea recipes and even a few fat burning smoothies. So you can sip these metabolism boosting drinks all day, or as a meal replacement. Before you know it, the pounds will be melting away!

#1. Apple Cinnamon Water

Apple Cinnamon Water Weight Loss Drink

Did you know both apples and cinnamon raise your metabolism? Try this now famous drink and any day can feel like fall (2).

Fuji and Honeycrisp apples work best as they are the sweetest. Keep in mind that this metabolism boosting drink has just a hint of flavor. Should you want it stronger, add more apples or slice them thinner.

#2. Mango Infused Water (10 Recipes Included!)

10 Mango Fruit Infused Water Recipes

With ingredients like mangoes and ginger, these metabolism boost drinks all help boost weight loss in a number of different ways.

Aside from it’s natural metabolism boost, ginger acts as a natural pain reliever. Whether you’re up against migraines or menstrual cramps, it’s amazing what ginger can do (3).

Ginger also aids in reducing morning sickness, nausea and heartburn and will give your digestive system, memory and sex drive a welcome boost.

This one little drink will do a lot for your body, so make a big pitcher today and enjoy.

#3. Berry Infused Metabolism Boost Drinks (7 Recipes Included!)

strawberry detox water recipes

These metabolism boosting drinks are packed full of flavor and perfect for sipping all day long.

Pick up a bag of frozen berry medley at your local grocery store and you’ll have all three berries ready at a moment’s notice. Just a handful creates a fat burning drink!

Add some delicious citrus — like lime or orange slices — and you will have added a healthy dose of vitamin C to the mix.

#4. Fat Burning Watermelon Infused Water (10 Recipes Included!)

10 Infused Watermelon Water Recipes

Watermelon is packed full of flavor and makes a wonderful fat burning drink base!

We paid the watermelon with other metabolism booster ingredients like blueberries.

Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruits. The plant compound flavonoid appears to be the source of the majority of the antioxidants (4).

#5. “Flat Belly Water” Cranberry Juice Detox Drink

"Flat Belly Water" Cranberry Juice Detox Drink

This metabolism boosting drink is one of the top 10 reader favorites here at Lose Weight By Eating!

These amazing fat burning drinks both increase metabolism, while reducing bloat at the same time!

#6. Sparkling Water Recipes for Weight Loss (10 Recipes Included)

7 Sparkling (Carbonated) Water Recipes for Weight Loss

If you love sodas, these 10 sparking water recipes for weight loss are the perfect burn fat drinks for you!

Skip the surge filled sodas, and the chemical filled diet sodas and make your own. With 10 metabolism boosting drinks to choose from, we know you’ll find your next favorite soda here!

#7 Cucumber Mint Water

Cucumber Mint Water for Weight Loss

Water is a great metabolism booster, and with ingredients like mint and cucumber you’ll also be reducing bloat!

This fat burning drink is refreshing and yummy, and helps cut belly bloat fast too!

#8 Cucumber Water Recipes (10 Recipes Included!)

10 Detox Cucumber Water Recipes for Weight Loss

We really love cucumber water, and that’s why we have supplied you with 10 more recipes here.

Beat bloat and boost metabolism with these 10 yummy drink recipes.

#9 Pineapple Water for Weight Loss Recipes (10 Recipes Included!)

Pineapple Water for Weight Loss

Pineapple is a great metabolism booster! And it adds so much flavor to water too!

Try one of these 10 metabolism boosting drink recipes to help curb your sweet cravings while burning fat.

One of my most famous drinks is my Apple Cinnamon water. During the winter, I like to make it as a hot tea. The flavor is stronger and oh so yummy!

#10 Mint Infused Water with Peaches

Mint Infused Water with Peaches

This metabolism boosting water recipe also helps cool you down on hot days!

Mint naturally de-bloats the body while cooling you down. Making this fat burning drink great for hot days.

#11 Green Tea Detox Drink

Green Tea Detox Drink

Green tea is one of the best metabolism boosters! This yummy drink burns fat fast and helps you keep your metabolism roaring all day long!

Try this metabolism boosting drink in place of your afternoon coffee to boost energy as well as boosting metabolism!

#12 Best Metabolism Boosting Smoothies (10 Recipes Included!)

Best Weight Loss Smoothies

These 10 metabolism boosting smoothies all make great meal replacement smoothies, or snacks.

Try swapping one meal or snack of these fat burning smoothies, and watch the fat fly off.

72 Best Metabolism Boosting Drinks for Weight Loss

These metabolism boosting drinks all come with printable recipe cards.

Simply choose your recipe and click on it to collect the recipe card, find nutrition information and even a shopping list for each fat burning recipe!

metabolism boosting drinks

70+ BEST Metabolism Boosting Drinks for Weight Loss

Lose Weight By Eating
These 72 Metabolism Boosting Drinks include fat burning water recipes, smoothies, and even tea recipes for weight loss.
Some are for sipping all day long, and some are for snacking or meal replacement… see above for more information.
Special Tip: Each of these recipes for weight loss include printable recipe cards and shopping lists. Simply click the link to get the recipe card.
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  • Choose the metabolism boosting drink you want to try.
  • Click the link to get the printable recipe card.
  • Get busy making your fat burning drinks.



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