10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts
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These 10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts are all low in calories and high in nutrition!

Just like all Lose Weight By Eating Recipes, all of these meal prep breakfast ideas are packed with fat burning ingredients. To help get your metabolism roaring first thing in the morning!

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

We’ve included vegan and vegetarian meal prep recipes for breakfast. As well as meaty recipes for the protein lovers.

In the article below you’re sure to find your next favorite weight loss meal prep recipes!

The list of the Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts has over 10 recipes… The burritos can be made 3 ways, the granola 5 ways, and the overnight oats 30 ways… So you’re really getting about 50 weight loss meal prep recipes below!

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

Below it might seam that there’s just 10 Best Meal Prep Breakfast recipes to lose weight. But actually there are about 50 recipes!

The overnight oats can be made over 30 different ways, the breakfast wraps with or without meat. And you can top the make ahead waffles and pancaked with any number of toppings.

The Best Breakfast Meal Prep Recipes

These meal prep breakfast ideas are all low calorie and healthy. Click on the photo or the recipe card to find the recipe… Plus a printable recipe card for each of the healthy breakfasts below!

1. Low Calorie Breakfast Burritos (With 3 Protein Add-Ins!)

These meal prep breakfast burritos are just 343 calories, and come with 3 optional meat add-ins!

These easy meal prep recipes are great for taking “on the go” and have over 14g of protein (if you add meat, you’ll be boosting protein even more!)

The Best Breakfast Burrito Recipe 10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

These breakfast meal prepping recipes are great for vegetarians and meat lovers. You get to choose optional protein add-ins, or your can make this a vegetarian meal prep breakfast recipe!

LOW CALORIE Breakfast Burritos + Meal Prep Tips
This is the best breakfast burrito recipe! You can make a vegetarian breakfast burrito, or meaty breakfast burritos, the recipe is easy and versatile.
It's also low in calories, and the burritos freeze well too!
Meal Prepping Tips: Individually wrap each breakfast burrito in parchment paper, and stack them in a freezer bag. Then all you need to do is microwave them 1-2 minutes when you're ready to eat.
Check out this recipe
low calorie breakfast burrito recipe

2. Breakfast Oatmeal Casserole (With Protein Boosts!)

This easy breakfast casserole makes a great breakfast meal prep recipe. It comes with protein add ins, and you can make this meal prep recipe vegan if you like.

At just 310 calories you’ll love this meal prep breakfast bake! You get to choose your favorite berries, and add in lots of protein with the 5 optional protein boosts.

Breakfast Oatmeal Bake with Berries 10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

It’s easy to reheat these breakfast meal prep recipes for the week. Just pop a slice in the microwave, or enjoy it cold (like overnight oats… which we will get to as well, below!)

Breakfast Oatmeal Bake with Berries (LOW CALORIE)
This Breakfast Oatmeal Bake Recipe is just 310 calories, and is so easy to toss together!
We even supplied you with vegan options, so you can make vegan baked oatmeal.
You can use any berries you like, or use a combination… or get creative and change it up each time you make the recipe.
Special Tip: You can reduce the oats to just 3 cups, and add in 4 scoops of vanilla protein powder to boost the protein in this recipe!
Check out this recipe
Breakfast Oatmeal Bake with Berries

3. Low Calorie Blueberry Scones

These blueberry lemon scones make great breakfast meal prep recipes!

At just 140 calories, and packed with protein (we add in Greek Yogurt!) you can enjoy these yummy scones without guilt… and on the go!

Glazed Lemon Blueberry Scones Recipe 10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

I like to make a double batch of these for easy meal prep weight loss breakfasts. I freeze them in individual bags, then pull one out the night before and let it defrost in the fridge. It’s the perfect “eat on the road” breakfast!

HEALTHY Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze
These easy blueberry scones with lemon glaze are low calorie and easy to make.
You can enjoy one of these glazed lemon blueberry scones recipe for just 140 calories!
Don't have (or like) lemon, you can swap out the lemon for orange or lime… Both are wonderful in this blueberry scone recipe!
Check out this recipe
Glazed Lemon Blueberry Scones Recipe

4. Meaty Breakfast Casserole

This meal prep breakfast casserole is just 131 calories and can be quickly reheated in the microwave!

Each casserole makes 8 servings, making it one of the best breakfast meals prep options out there.

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

And with 9.1g of protein, you’ll be starting off the day right. You can even make these vegetarian meal prep recipes by swapping out the sausage for vegetarian breakfast sausage!

Easy Recipe for Breakfast Casserole
This easy recipe for breakfast casserole can be made with or without meat!
If you want to make this breakfast casserole recipe vegetarian, just omit the sausage, or replace it with vegan sausage. Either way this egg sausage casserole is sure to become your new favorite breakfast!
Check out this recipe
easy recipe for breakfast casserole

5. Low Calorie Overnight Oats (30 Toppings to Choose From!)

These overnight oats are just 120 calories, and come with a 30 topping list, so you can change up your breakfast meal prep weight loss recipes each week.

This no cook meal prep breakfast recipe is easy and fun to make. And you can eat them on the go or at work.

easy overnight oats recipes Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

Plus, you can make these meal prep recipes easy for kids, let them pick their toppings and they can feed themselves in the morning… So you can sleep in or enjoy your coffee in silence.

Easy Overnight Oats Recipes {Includes 30 Toppings}
This recipe for easy overnight oats comes with 30 toppings, for unlimited flavors and delicious oatmeal breakfasts.
Try this breakfast oats recipe for a healthy low calorie breakfast.
Check out this recipe
easy overnight oats recipes

6. Low Calorie Waffles

These low calorie waffles are just 145 calories, and make great meal prep breakfasts!

I like to make a double batch on Sunday mornings… We enjoy them for breakfast while I make extras for the entire week!

Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

These meal prep breakfast ideas are great with my 2 Minute Microwave Blueberry Sauce Recipe!

Healthy Recipe for Waffles
This healthy recipe for waffles is the best waffle recipe… ever! And I know something about amazing waffles!
One of my waffle recipes has been featured on Epicurious for years. I plus I have 4 best selling comfort food made healthy cookbooks, so you can be sure that this healthy recipe for waffles is amazing!
Check out this recipe
the best waffle recipe

7. Protein Packed Breakfast Wraps

These breakfast meal prep wraps are just 284 calories, and can be made vegetarian or with meat add-ins!

With 14.9g of protein, you’ll want to make these meal prep recipes for weight loss weekly.

Easy Breakfast Wrap Recipe to Go Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

With just 5 ingredients, these breakfast meal prep weight loss ideas are low cost and a breeze to make too!

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap (Just 5 Ingredients)
This easy breakfast wrap "to go" is just 284 calories… plus, it comes with 3 protein add-ins.
The vegetarian wrap is packed with flavor, thanks to the pepper jack cheese. But you could use jack cheese it's place if you don't like spice.
You can make this breakfast wrap recipe even lower in carbs, by choosing the low carb tortillas above.
Check out this recipe
Easy Breakfast Wrap Recipe to Go

8. Fat Burning Granola (5 Recipes to Choose From!)

There are few things better than homemade granola with milk or yogurt. And with 5 weight loss granola recipes to choose from, you’ll be happy and satisfied all week long.

Just 203 calories, this granola can be snacked on (dry) on the way to work. Or you can serve it over your favorite milk or grab a yogurt and bag of granola to enjoy at work together.

Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

Choose your favorite breakfast granola for extra quick and crunchy breakfast meal prep recipes to lose weight.

5 BEST Granola Recipes {LOW CALORIE}
In the 5 Best Granola Recipes you will find 5 recipes for healthy homemade granola.
Along with a basic granola recipe, you'll also find a Coconut Cashew, Berry, Vanilla Almond and Cinnamon Pecan granola recipes.
You can have 1/2 cup of the basic granola recipe for just 203 calories! It's great as a cereal, over Greek Yogurt, as a snack, on an Acai bowl… the possibilities are endless!
Check out this recipe
Granola Recipes

9. Baked Egg Cups in Hash Browns

These breakfast meal prep ideas are just 236 calories, and you can make them with frozen or fresh (homemade) hash browns.

This breakfast meal prep recipe makes 12 servings, so they are great for big families. You could also have 2 (for under 500 calories!) and that makes 6 breakfast weight loss meal prepping servings.

baked eggs in hash browns Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

If you’re looking to cut carbs, this article also has a “no hash brown”egg cups recipe!

Healthy Baked Eggs In Hash Browns (LOW CALORIE)
Hashbrowns and eggs go together so well… and in this healthy baked eggs recipe you get both for just 236 calories!
You can easily shred a potato if you don't have refrigerated hash browns to make this recipe for Baked Eggs in Hash Browns.
Just just a big box grater (the kind you use on taco night) and shred the potato… you don't even have to peel it!
Check out this recipe
baked eggs in hash browns

10. Protein Pancakes (Cheesecake Flavored Pancakes!)

These meal prep breakfast pancakes are just 109 calories each, and they have 8.2g of protein!

The cheesecake flavored pancakes also come with 5 toppings, and at just 109 calories you can have 4 without going over 500 calories!

Healthy Cottage Cheese Pancakes (Protein Pancakes) Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

These meal prep pancakes can be made ahead and then popped in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven to reheat in the morning. They are also really yummy cold!

Protein Pancakes with Cottage Cheese
These cottage cheese pancakes are packed with 8.2g of protein, and just 109 calories!
Plus, you'll find a healthy pancake topping guide with low calorie, healthy pancake toppings.
Special Tip: You can use any size cottage cheese curd you like in this recipe, though we have found that "Small Curd" works best.
Check out this recipe
Protein Pancakes with Cottage Cheese

Printable Guide for Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts (With Meal Planner!)

With 30 toppings for meal prep overnight oats, 5 granola recipe, and 4 ways to make breakfast burritos, you’re getting much more than just 10 meal prep breakfast recipes here!

We’ve even included more meal prep and breakfast recipes in the next section… so keep scrolling!

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts

Lose Weight By Eating
These Weight Loss Meal Prep Breakfasts are easy and yummy!
With OVER 10 meal prep breakfasts for weight loss to choose from, we know you'll find several that you love.
Special Tip: Click the links to print out the free meal prep breakfast recipes!
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  • Choose 2-3 meal prep breakfasts.
  • Click on the links to collect the recipe cards (you can print them too!)
  • Meal Prep your breakfasts and enjoy all week long.


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