How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg and in Egg Whites + 10 Recipes

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Learn how many grams of protein in an egg, how much protein in egg whites, find 10 high protein egg recipes and more in this article.

Plus, you’ll find a chart for protein in 1 egg, 3 eggs, 4 eggs… even 6 eggs!

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Before we dive into how much protein in egg whites, and and the highest protein eggs I want to quickly answer the question most people are searching for…

How Long Are Egg Whites Good For
How Long Are Egg Whites Good For

Question: “How much protein in one egg?

Answer: 5.5 grams of protein (note, different sizes of eggs may alter, see below)

We have included 10 protein rich egg recipes below, so you can start increasing your protein intake right away. And in the egg whites section you’ll learn how to eat more eggs for less calories and more protein!

What You’ll Find in this Article:

In the sections below you will find out how much protein in a large egg vs. a small egg, egg white protein and more. But again, to answer the question most people are searching for:

Question: How much protein in an egg? Answer: 5.5 grams

Along with finding out how much protein in egg white, you’ll find out which eggs have the most protein. Plus 10 high protein egg recipes below.

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Along with answering the question, are eggs good for protein, we wanted to answer more egg questions such as how many calories are in eggs.

Trying to make this article as helpful as possible, we included nutritional labels for both whole eggs, and egg whites. And have clearly outlined above how much protein in one egg above, and again here (one egg has 5.5 grams of protein).

Up next, you’ll find a nutrition label for one whole egg….

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Small eggs and large eggs will differ in protein, and we will outline the differences in the chart in the following section. But in this section we wanted to clearly outline the average protein in 1 egg.

The average egg (medium) has about 5.5 grams or protein.

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Before you jump to the next website after seeing the nutrition label… be sure to check out the calories and protein in egg whites. It may change the way you think about eggs!

In this nutrition label we will share the measurements for 1 egg protein. You will also find how many calories in one egg.

How Much Protein in an Egg:

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Now, egg whites are a different matter, and we will discuss egg whites protein in the next section.

We have actually found that egg whites are a far better source of protein… and we will discuss that in the next section.

Don’t forget… there are 10 High Protein Egg Recipes coming up!!

How Many Grams of Protein in Egg Whites

Perhaps you are trying to lower calories, or fat… Or you may just not like egg yolks. It’s important to know the grams of protein in egg whites.

Egg whites are understandably lower in protein than whole eggs. But not much. And I think when you see the calories in egg whites below, you may want to start skipping the yolk. Either way, egg whites, and whole eggs are a good source of protein.

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

If you’re looking to lower calories while raising protein in your diet. You may want to try a protein egg white dish. At just 17 calories per egg white you can get more protein for less calories in the long run.

Question: “How many grams of protein in an egg white?

Answer: 3.6 grams of protein

But what you really should be looking at, is how many calories are in egg whites, vs. whole eggs. You can have 4 egg whites for about the same calories as one whole egg… but consume nearly 3 times the amount of protein with egg whites! More below…

How Much Protein in an Egg White:

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Essentially, you can have 4 egg whites for 69 calories and get 14.4 grams of protein. Or one whole egg for 63 calories and just 5.5 grams of protein. So if you’re looking to lower calories, egg whites may be the way to go.

Don’t forget… there are 10 High Protein Egg Recipes coming up!!

Highest Protein Eggs

Not all eggs are created equal… some have more protein than others. And this article could not be complete without discussing the highest protein eggs.

We did briefly discuss in the section above, that the egg whites are the most protein rich part of the egg. And that rings true here as well.

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

The highest protein eggs are of course, large eggs… But best of all is egg whites. In the section above I compared 4 egg whites vs. 1 whole egg. Mostly because 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg are about the same in calories!

Number of EggsCaloriesProtein
4 egg whites69 calories14.4 grams of protein
1 whole egg63 calories5.5 grams of protein
1 large egg78 calories6 grams of protein

So, as you can see, egg whites win when it comes to the best source of protein.

But what if you don’t like egg whites? I like to make a combo, say I’m making an omelet… I’ll make one with 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. This way I get the flavor and richness, with a boost of protein.

Don’t forget… there are 10 High Protein Egg Recipes coming up!!

How Much Protein in Eggs Guide

Now that you know how much protein in eggs and egg whites, what about how much protein in 3 eggs, or 6 eggs?

We wanted to supply you with a quick grid of protein in 2, 4, even 6 eggs so you can get a sense of the protein egg ratio at a glance.

How Many Grams of Protein in an Egg

Below, in the chart, you’ll find out protein in 6 eggs, protein in 4 eggs, and everything in-between. We even included the protein in egg whites.

How Much Protein In Eggs:

Number of EggsProtein in Whole EggProtein in Egg Whites
1 egg5.5 grams of protein (whole egg)3.6 grams of protein (egg whites)
2 eggs11 grams of protein (whole egg)7.2 grams of protein (egg whites)
3 eggs16.5 grams of protein (whole egg)10.8 grams of protein (egg whites)
4 eggs22 grams of protein (whole egg)14.4 grams of protein (egg whites)
5 eggs27.5 grams of protein (whole egg)18 grams of protein (egg whites)
6 eggs33 grams of protein (whole egg)21.6 grams of protein (egg whites)
7 eggs38.5 grams of protein (whole egg)25.2 grams of protein (egg whites)
8 eggs44 grams of protein (whole egg)28.8 grams of protein (egg whites)
9 eggs49.5 grams of protein (whole egg)32.4 grams of protein (egg whites)
10 eggs55 grams of protein (whole egg)36 grams of protein (egg whites)

One of the best ways to increate your protein intake are eggs protein recipes. And we just happened to pull together 10 low calorie egg recipes that are all packs with protein.

You can find those 10 delicious, high protein dishes in the next section…

Up next… 10 high protein egg recipes!

10 High Protein Egg Recipes

In this section you will find 10 high protein egg recipes to help you increase protein in your diet, while adding healthy ingredients and lowering calories.

1. The Best Easy Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs are made with no mayo! They are low in calories and high in protein, and a great snack!

You don’t have to wait for a holiday party or potluck to make this big protein egg recipe! Make a tray and snack on them all week long … at just 42 calories you can’t go wrong!

The Best Easy Deviled Eggs [LOW CALORIE}
These are the best easy deviled eggs recipe you'll find.
Not only are they lower in calories, they are simple and fast, and fantstic as a snack or appetizer.
Try this low calorie deviled egg recipe, and save 100's of calories as well as time and effort.
Check out this recipe
Easy Deviled Eggs

2. Perfect Boiled Eggs

Learn how to make the perfect boiled eggs with this how to guide.

You even get a visual guide for desired doneness and minutes to boil… It’s almost too easy to make this high protein egg recipe.

TIME CHART Perfect Boiled Eggs
Learn how long to boil eggs to perfection in this easy recipe for boiled eggs.
Included is times for soft boiled, medium,, and hard boiled eggs.
Check out this recipe
How Long to Boil Eggs

3. The Best Shakshuka Recipe

This low calorie, high protein vegetarian egg recipe is great for dinner as well as breakfast!

Now you can boost your protein with an elegant dinner. Serve hot tonight and enjoy leftovers for breakfast tomorrow… bonus!

The Best Shakshuka Recipe (LOW CALORIE)
This is the best shakshuka recipe… ever! It's easy to make, low in calories, and packed with nutrition.
This easy shakshuka recipe is great for breakfasts, and dinners! Serve with crusty bread or pita to make it a nice dinner, or serve alone and enjoy this breakfast with tomatoes and eggs.
You'll find directions to make The Best Shakshuka Recipe in the oven or on the stove top here!
Check out this recipe
The Best Shakshuka Recipe

4. The Best Eggs Benedict Recipe

We cut 100’s of calories in this Eggs Benedict recipe! So you get a high protein egg recipe, without all of the calories.

Tips to make this a vegetarian dish are included…

HEALTHY Eggs Benedict Recipe
This low calorie hollandaise makes the best Eggs Benedict recipe… ever!
It's low in calories, but high in flavor, and packed full of protein.
You can swap out the Canadian bacon for smoked salmon, deli ham, or avocado slices, this versatile recipe for eggs benny can be made many different ways.
Check out this recipe
Eggs Benedict

5. The Easiest Recipe for Chilaquiles

This 10 minute meal is a traditional breakfast… but is truly yummy anytime of the day.

Best of all, it’s just 141 calories per serving, so you can have 2, or 3 servings!

The Easiest Recipe for Chilaquiles
This recipe for chilaquiles is easy and fast! Best of all, it's only 141 calories per serving and takes only 10 minutes from start to finish!
These homemade chilaquiles with eggs is made with pantry staples like salsa, and chips. You get to use jarred salsa instead of making an elaborate sauce (which is usually just a homemade salsa!) It's the easiest recipe for chilaquiles you'll ever make!
Check out this recipe
The Easiest Recipe for Chilaquiles

6. Baked Eggs In Hash Browns

This recipe for baked eggs is great for meal prepping and breakfasts on the go.

Try this protein rich egg recipe and even learn how to make hash browns at home with a box grater!

Healthy Baked Eggs In Hash Browns (LOW CALORIE)
Hashbrowns and eggs go together so well… and in this healthy baked eggs recipe you get both for just 236 calories!
You can easily shred a potato if you don't have refrigerated hash browns to make this recipe for Baked Eggs in Hash Browns.
Just just a big box grater (the kind you use on taco night) and shred the potato… you don't even have to peel it!
Check out this recipe
baked eggs in hash browns

7. The Best Omelette Recipe

This high protein omelet recipe can be made with or without meat. We’ve included recipes for a vegetarian omelet recipe, as well as a meaty protein packed omelet.

Tips to boost protein while lowering calories by adding egg whites are included.

The Best Omelette Recipe {LOW CALORIE}
The Best Omelette Recipe is low in calories, and can be made vegetarian or with ham.
You can cut more calories by using 3 egg whites in place of the 2 eggs, but I find this minor "splurge" in ingredients makes a far superior tasting omelet recipe.
Check out this recipe
The Best Omelette Recipe {LOW CALORIE}

8. Low Calorie Avocado Toast

This low calorie easy breakfast tops avocado toast with eggs. To get everything you need to start the day off right.

Now you can increate your protein, healthy fats and greens, thanks to this high protein egg recipe.

5 Low Calorie Avocado Toast Recipes (UNDER 150 CALORIES)
Avocado toast recipes are easy and versatile. Plus a great way to start your day on a healthy note.
I made this recipe for avocado with toast just one serving, but you can use the buttons in the recipe card to multiply the recipe for more servings.
Check out this recipe
5 Low Calorie Avocado Toast Recipes

9. The Best Breakfast Burrito Recipe

This low calorie, high protein breakfast burrito will curb your cravings while boosting your protein intake.

Directions to make this a vegetarian egg recipe, or a meaty breakfast burrito are included, plus directions on making them into “frozen breakfast burritos” for hectic mornings.

Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe + Meal Prep Tips
This is the best breakfast burrito recipe! You can make a vegetarian breakfast burrito, or meaty breakfast burritos, the recipe is easy and versatile.
It's also low in calories, and the burritos freeze well too!
Meal Prepping Tips: Individually wrap each breakfast burrito in parchment paper, and stack them in a freezer bag. Then all you need to do is microwave them 1-2 minutes when you're ready to eat.
Check out this recipe
low calorie breakfast burrito recipe

10. Easy Recipe for Breakfast Casserole

If you’re a fan of meal prepping, or just have a large crowd to feed, try a protein packed egg casserole.

This low calorie, high protein breakfast casserole can be made vegetarian or meaty, and is packed with good for you ingredients.

Easy Recipe for Breakfast Casserole
This easy recipe for breakfast casserole can be made with or without meat!
If you want to make this breakfast casserole recipe vegetarian, just omit the sausage, or replace it with vegan sausage. Either way this egg sausage casserole is sure to become your new favorite breakfast!
Check out this recipe
easy recipe for breakfast casserole

These 10 recipes for healthy, protein packed egg recipes can help you eat healthier and boost protein in your diet.

Now that you have all the information of eggs and protein, and 10 protein rich recipes to try, check out the next section for more high protein recipes.

Perfect High Protein Egg Omelet

Healthy Omelet with Spinach and Cheese

The BEST Egg Omelet (JUST 204 CALORIES + 17g PROTEIN)

Lose Weight By Eating
This healthy omelet with spinach is low in calories and vegetarian. Plus you can use whatever cheese you prefer!
This healthy omelet for weight loss makes a great breakfast, or serve for brunch. We even love this recipe for spinach omelet for dinner with a salad.
Try this weight loss protein omelette any time of the day, and enjoy all the wonderful benefits and flavors of a healthy, filling, protein packed meal.
5 from 32 votes
Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 13 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Breakfast, brunch, dinner, Main Course
Cuisine American, French
Servings 1 omelette
Calories 204 kcal


  • Olive oil spray
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 2 large eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 tablespoons swiss cheese or sharp cheddar, feta, or goat cheese


  • Lightly spray a small skillet with olive oil spray and place over medium heat.
  • Add the spinach and cook until wilted and cooked down to about 1/2 cup.
  • Move the spinach to a plate, and spray the skillet again with olive oil and place on the burner again (at medium heat).
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs with 1 teaspoon of water and a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Pour the eggs into the hot skillet and cook, undisturbed, until they start to bubble up and pull away from the sides of the pan.
  • Add 1/2 of the cheese on one side of the omelette, top with cooked spinach and remaining cheese.
  • Fold the bare side over over the side with the fillings and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Flip and cook for 2 minutes more before moving to a plate. Serve hot.


Serving: 1omeletteCalories: 204kcalCarbohydrates: 2.7gProtein: 17.1gFat: 14.1gSaturated Fat: 5.6gCholesterol: 384mgSodium: 190mgPotassium: 313mgFiber: 0.7gSugar: 1.1gCalcium: 190mgIron: 3mg
Keyword breakfast, eggs, Main Course
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

FAQ – Egg Nutrition Q&A

How many CALS is 2 eggs?

Two eggs have 126 calories, 11g protein, 0.6 carbs. You can find more nutrition information on eggs in this article, plus lots of protein packed egg recipes!

Does frying an egg add calories?

If you fry an egg in butter or oil, it will add calories. However if you “dry fry” an egg in a nonstick skillet, it will not add calories to the egg. Each 1 tablespoon of oil will add about 120 calories, depending on how much is left in the pan after cooking.

Do boiled eggs have carbs?

One egg has 0.3 carbohydrates and 5.5 grams of protein. Egg whites have 0.2 carbohydrates and 3.6 grams of protein. These low carb Egg Recipes (10 Free Recipes) are great for healthy eating and weight loss.

How much protein is in a single egg?

How much protein in one egg? Answer: 5.5 grams of protein per 1 egg.
You can find lots of high protein egg recipes in this article… all low calorie and protein packed!

Is 2 eggs a day enough protein?

2 eggs per day are good protein for snacks, but you’ll need to have more protein than just the two eggs all day. Try adding some nuts, quinoa, fish, poultry and cheese to your diet to boost protein.

Is white egg good for protein?

Egg white is very good protein! Healthy and low calorie, and quick to cook. This article has 10 High Protein Egg Recipes… plus tips on adding more protein to your egg whites!

How much protein is in a single egg white?

How many grams of protein in an egg white? Answer: 3.6 grams of protein per egg white
Find high protein low calorie egg white recipes in this article!

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