Can You Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Hello followers and readers, you may wonder why you have not gotten a new blog post in a while. Well, the below post should explain a lot. I have a rare nerve disorder and have been unable to type or sit at a computer for the last month, so here I am 5 days into a visit to Stanford Hospital typing one out for all of you.

Lately I have gotten several e-mails and messages from women who are trying to lose weight while recovering from injuries or surgeries. I am one of those women and this post is for them. You can still lose weight even if you can’t work out!

My story:

In June 2010 I was in a car accident, I was rear ended and I braced myself on impact which resulted in the tendons and cartilage in my right hand to be ripped and torn off the bone. I under went wrist/hand surgeries in May and December 2011 to try and correct the damage, unfortunately it landed me with a rare nerve disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS or RSD). Which has claimed my right (and dominant) arm, and is spreading to my left leg. Despite all that I went through I lost 150 lbs between March 2011 and February 2012 and have kept it all off even though I am still unable to work out.

There were times between the surgeries where I was able to do some cardio, but with the pain it was never consistent. Yet I still lost the weight and kept it off! If you pay attention to your diet and eat all natural foods your body will help you along. Because I could not work out I became a food fanatic and learned how to manage my diet to compensate. I created my own diet to match my needs, and you can do the same, I encourage you to!

When people ask me how to get started on losing weight I give them four tips one of them being “Move your body more.”  For some women I have told them physical therapy and daily physician recommended exercises are enough (physical therapy can be hard, I know!) others dancing with your spouse or kids after dinner, parking far away at the store and just shaking your money maker while cooking or cleaning is “more.” You can do that, right?

Also low impact workouts can help, walking in the pool, Barre Method class and yoga are both great for low impact if your lower body and back is not injured. If your injuries are below the waste take this opportunity to do some upper body workouts. Schedule an appointment with a gym trainer and ask them to show you how to use all the upper body equipment then go from there. Try to hit your back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps that is 4 major muscles and you will get your heart rate up for sure.

For those of you who are not injured and are able to work out I recommend a combination of weight training and cardio. Body For Life has a great work out and I have done the workouts many times and seen results. Hate to work out? Find something you enjoy doing and make it a workout. Do you like to walk your dog? Work up to a jog or walk twice as far to boost your heart rate and burn some calories. Love to play in the pool? Swim laps or take a water aerobics class. Keep in mind, there are people out there that wish they could swim laps or walk their dog. Don’t take for granted what you can do.

My message to you:

Anyone in any condition can lose weight, don’t give up hope just because you can’t work out. I promise you, you can still lose the weight! I am here for you, check out my Facebook page for daily support.

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