No Look November Challenge

no look November

I am excited to announce this fun “No Look November” challenge! I thought it best to create a post about it as I have too much to say in a social media post… Plus this will give all of you a place to come to for information and more.

So… what is “No Look November” and how did I come up with this wild idea?

no look November

I recently made a new friend, another single mom who runs a website too. She inspired this challenge as last year she a participated in a similar challenge and shared her experiences with me.

As publishers, we constantly look at our website stats, like all-the-time! And like anything, stats go up and down. And this is -simply put- really bad for mental health! So she walked away from looking at her stats for a full month and found she was happier, healthier, and got more work done. It was great for her mental health and I took that idea and ran with it (with her permission and encouragement).

What is No Look November?

I took her idea and reworked it for all of you, to stop looking at something that naturally goes up and down. Messes with our self confidence, negatively effects our mental health, and dictates how we feel about ourselves…

The bathroom scale!

Yep, the “No Look” part of this No Look November challenge is to not look at the bathroom scale. Put it away, and instead focus on something far more important, how do we feel?

I know what you’re thinking… what if I gain weight… or, how will I know if I’m doing the right things for my body? And I assure you, this challenge will be VERY hard for me too! So I encourage you to take it week by week. Just try one week and see if you want to continue.

This month we will walk through the 4 aspects of Lose Weight By Eating, one a week. And instead of focusing on the number on the scale, we will focus on how we feel.

I will encourage you to share how you feel after drinking more water, eating healthier meals (or unhealthy ones if that happens), moving our bodies more, and planning out our meals. I want you to become more in tune with your body, to listen to how you feel 2-3 hours after eating, not just focusing on how something tastes.

How to Do the No Look November Challenge

  1. Put your bathroom scale away! This is the “No Look” part- we won’t be weighing ourselves this month.
  2. Comment daily on my “No Look November” Facebook and Instagram posts and share how you feel.
  3. Visit my FB and Insta pages daily for healthy tips and recipes to make HEALTH a priority. Not the number on the scale.
  4. Use the Hashtag #nolooknovember in all your comments and shares so I can see them better.

I KNOW THIS SEEMS SCARY! That’s why we will do it together (I’m putting my scale away too). Instead of concentrating on the number on the scale, we will discuss how we are feeling after a meal, concentrating on eating well and making good choices and how they make us feel. Without the daily ups and downs of the dreaded weigh in.

If you complete this challenge I assure you that you will come out of it healthier, better in tune with your body, and likely having lost a few pounds.

No Look November Prizes!

As I am writing this (3 days before the challenge is to start) I am still working with sponsors to try and gather prizes, so this part will hopefully change as the month goes on… And while I do that, I am also reaching out for prizes for more challenges so as we continue doing these monthly challenges (I’m planning one a month until you all are sick of me), the prizes should be getting better and better.

Prize #1 The top participant will win a 30 minute zoom/google meet call with me to review and set goals so you can head into December and the New Year with health in mind. PLUS a 1 year Premium Membership to Breethe Meditation App!

Prize #2 One participant will get a copy of one of my cookbooks (you get to choose from all 4). For US participants you can choose a Kindle or Hardcopy, and everyone else a Kindle copy (sorry, I’m just a single mom and can’t afford the shipping quite yet).

How To Win:

All you have to do is participate! The 2 people who participate the most (comments are key!) will win. So comment, like and share (I can only see shares if you make them public) on Facebook and Instagram and I will pick the top participants as winners.

How Can This Challenge Help You?

Bathroom scales are just a way to measure weight. But over the years they have become so much more.

They dictate our self worth, have us riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs that often makes us starve ourselves when we don’t like the reading on the scale.

The goal of this challenge is to listen to your body. We will focus on eating healthier, drinking more water, moving our bodies more, and making better choices for the weeks ahead. And instead of depending on a scale for measurement, we will listen to our gut (literally!) and our bodies.

  • If you drink more water how will you feel? Likely more hydrated, with fewer headaches, and more bowel movements (sorry, it’s true.)
  • And if you eat healthier you will likely have more energy, sleep better and have less pain.
  • Moving your body more will likely result in better sleep, more energy and higher self esteem.
  • And finally, planning out your meals, or meal prepping will help you feel more in control of your cravings.

Do you see a pattern here… if you have followed Lose Weight By Eating for a while this all might look familiar. That’s right, it’s the Lose Weight By Eating plan!

I want to flip the scale (pun intended) and measure our successes by how our bodies and minds feel, not by a number on a device.

Helpful Resources

Some of these following resources inspired this challenge (the books especially!) and others will help you get through the month and those following, easier.

Listen, you don’t have to get any of these! But if you need a little help (or have an Amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket) these items will help and may even keep you from stepping on the scale.

The No Look November Store:

Are You In?

I know this seems weird for a weight loss site to encourage you to put your scale away for a full month. But think about it, a scale is just a way to measure if something is working, or not. But we have started to base our self worth on it… that is very unhealthy.

And as women we always fluctuate in weight (and I had a hysterectomy and this still happens) there is always one week that we weigh more than the other 3 weeks.

It is NOT HEALTHY to get up on the scale everyday, and this is the time to break that bad habit. Your self worth is not based on a number on a scale, and it is time to make weight loss and healthy living something that is good for both your body AND your mind.

So, are you in? Are you willing to take this challenge with me? Participate on Facebook or Instagram (or both!) and we can do the challenge together:

Recipes for this Challenge:

I have lots of healthy recipes to help you get though this month. And to better tailor the recipes to your needs, I recommend you post comments on Facebook or Instagram posts for No Look November so I can find the exact recipes that will benefit you most.

However, meal planning or prepping will be a big part of this challenge, so here are some of my helpful meal prep compilation articles to give you lots of healthy meals to enjoy all month long.