Scared of the Gym?

Are you scared of the Gym? I use to be, I would go with my over-sized clothes trying to hide everything that jiggles. I would look around thinking “I don’t belong here” looking at all the hard bodied people made me feel embarrassed and seeing them look at me, well that was too much!

Well that has all changed for me, I thought to myself one day, those people did not always look like that! And so I say to myself, (and almost out loud a few times) “That’s why I’m here, dumbass” and that is my motto, when I am running on the treadmill and my ass is jiggling so bad I think the force of gravity will fling me right off I say to myself “That’s why I’m here, dumbass!” and I get through it.

Hope this motivates you to go to the gym, and if some 90lb bitch looks you the wrong way, take a deep breath and say to yourself “That’s why I’m here!”

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8 thoughts on “Scared of the Gym?”

  1. Hi Sharon!

    So glad you found me, what a great accomplishment! I keep telling people that “Diet” Coke will make you fat. Just because it says “Diet” on it does not mean that it is healthy or will help you lose weight. Keep that in mind on the rest of your weight loss journey.

    Keep up the great work and if you and your friends want to take a “Before” picture you just might be featured on my testimonial page later on when you are all weight loss superstars.


  2. yeah! I just found your blog from Pinterest and this year I gave up my sodas and in the first eight weeks I lost 15 pounds without excersising. I have joined the YMCA and now have lost five more pounds the first few weeks. I have maintained the weight loss and now a friend and I are going to really tackle this weight loss stuff and see how much more we can lose and your blog will be a great tool for use to try out your recipies. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Evie,

    I’m so glad you found my blog too!! When I first gave up diet sodas I found that fizzy water like Pellegrino, Club Soda or Perrier satisfied my desire for soda. It was the bubbles that I loved, not so much the sugary drinks. Just stay away from the flavored ones, like the Walmart water it is all chemicals and fake sugar.

    If fizzy water becomes your new favorite beverage (like it did for me) check out a Sodastream it’s a nifty machine that makes your own fizzy water, there is one you can look at under “FAVORITE KITCHEN ITEMS” but try some Pellegrino first it is delicious and you deserve the best!

    As for workout gear I love my capri yoga pants from Old Navy and a basic T-shirt from Old navy as well for Yoga, Barre Method Class (you HAVE TO TRY!) low impact workouts. They breathe well, the shirts they have now are the old fashioned ones, very thin cotton I LOVE them.

    For high impact Nike is good, they have a line of workout gear that absorbs sweat, you should be able to find at Target or a Nike Outlet. I find that I always go back to my Old Navy capri pants though, I have some of the Nike but I would live in the Old Navy ones if I could!

    Check out my story here:

    Happy Cooking, or maybe I should say Happy Workout 🙂

  4. I found your blog through Pinterest. Love the flavored waters! I’m trying to give up diet sodas and drink more water, so I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. I’ve recently started taking exercise classes. We do Zumba, ab work & two days a week is bootcamp! (A living Hell!) I need some advice on workout clothes. What kind of workout pants or capris are really good and comfortable? I live in Texas, so it’s hot!! Thanks for your help.

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