Best Blenders for Smoothies

best smoothie blenders

This Best Blenders for Smoothies article will help you pick out your new appliance while saving money.  

I love making smoothies and you can’t talk about smoothies without mentioning the best blenders for smoothies. They are an easy and delicious way to lose weight, detoxify your body, and get more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

best smoothie blenders

In order to make a good smoothie, you need a good smoothie blender. A standard kitchen blender may work, but often can’t do a good enough job quickly. With one of the recommended blenders below, your smoothie will come out perfect every time with less effort. 

So if you’re serious about losing weight with smoothies, I recommend you splurge on yourself and buy the best smoothie blender you can afford. Your body will thank you for it.

Best Blenders for Smoothies

If you’re on the search for the best blender for smoothies, you’re in luck! No matter what your budget ($25-$400) we’ve gathered the best smoothie blenders.

In this article I’ll share Recommended Smoothie Blenders the list of the Top 10 Smoothie Blenders and so much more!

Below you will find:

  • Top 10 Best Selling Blenders for Smoothies
  • Best Blenders 2019
  • Recommended Smoothie Blenders
  • What is the Best Smoothie Blenders
  • Best Countertop Smoothie Blenders
  • Best Portable Smoothie Blenders
  • Best Professional Blenders for Smoothies

For some amazing smoothie recipe ideas, check out my detox smoothies and green smoothies. They have dozens of delicious smoothie recipes for weight loss and detox.

No matter your budget… between $25 to $400 we can help you find the best blender for smoothie on the market, and if you have Prime, you get Free Shipping!

Top 10 Best Selling Blenders for Smoothies

These are the best selling smoothie blenders on Amazon based on sales. Look for the “sale” tag to find some great deals.

Best Blenders for Smoothies in order of popularity:

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Best Blenders 2019

In this section we will share links and current pricing for all the best blenders 2019 had to offer.

From the great portable Blend Jet, to everyone’s favorite counter Ninja Blender, these are the best blenders of 2019.

best blenders 2019

The Best Blenders 2019 had to offer

In 2019 we got to know some new smoothie blenders, and rekindle our love for the standby favorites.

In this section we will review the best blenders 2019 had to offer, some are old favorites, and some will leave you wondering… why didn’t they make those years ago?!

In this section we will help you find the best blender for smoothies of 2019.

nutribullet blender combo
Here's what 2019 blenders taught us...

Portable Smoothie Blenders are all the rage!

portable blenders for smoothies

Some of the best smoothie blenders, are portable Smoothie blenders! Imagine blending up your green smoothie at work, or making margaritas by the pool?!

This Oberly portable smoothie Blender has rechargeable batteries and a detachable cup. It’s the best blender for smoothies on the go.

The Classics are still holding strong!

The Magic Bullet Blender for smoothies has long been a best selling portable smoothie blender!

This travel friendly smoothie blender makes single serving smoothies, and has removable cups. 

Old favorites got a new look…

best nutribullet for smoothies

Wish you had a TEAL NutriBullet? How about PURPLE, a bright red/pink called BERRY, and even ROSE GOLD NutriBullet blenders became the new “must have” kitchen appliance!

The countertop staples kept their ranking!

best ninja blender for smoothies

The best ninja blender for smoothies has always been the Ninja Blender Professional… and it still is!

If you’re looking for a well-priced smoothie maker, it’s hard to beat the Ninja Blender Professional! It’s the best blender for smoothies if you’re looking for a countertop model that’s low priced.

The Ninja bullet blender turned heads!

Ninja bullet blender / Ninja fit

The Ninja Blender family showed off their Ninja Fit Blender campaign, showcasing simple smoothies in a recipe booklet that comes free with every Ninja Personal Blender.

The “Lower Cost” Vitamix Explorian Blender held up to it’s “professional Status…

vitamix blender best

Vitamix blender has long been associated with very expensive (though completely amazing) products. This lower cost Viatmix Blender is often on sale, and as you can see above, already lower then their $400+ blenders!

The Vitamix Blender 5200 cleaned up after itself…

vitamix blender 5200

This self cleaning Vitamix blender 5200 get’s you a lot of bang for your buck… I mean, can your fridge clean itself? And look at how pricy a fridge is (wink).

We upgraded our Vitamix blender with single serving blending cups.

best vitamix blender cups

Use your best Vitamix blender in a new way with blending cups!

Make single serving smoothies, or salad dressings in the Vitamix blender cups.

For the Best Portable, Best Countertop, and Best Professional Blenders keep scrolling… we have those individual best smoothie blender reviews and links as well.

Recommended Smoothie Blenders:

We’ve tried out a few of the best blenders for smoothies on the market, and here is our list of our favorites.

It’s you’re looking for the best smoothie blender for you, these smoothie reviews will help you find it!

best smoothie blender

In this section you will find:

best blenders for smoothies

Ninja Blender- Professional

Ninja Professional Blender

Most Popular Smoothie Blender

This Ninja blender is by far one of the most popular “affordable” blenders out there, and for good reason. With 1100 watts of power, this Ninja smoothie maker can crush just about anything you put in it with ease. It’s also built very tough, so it won’t break easily. It’s absolutely one of best blenders for smoothies. 

One of my favorite features of the Ninja Blender Pro is the two additional rows of blades in the middle and top. They provide lots of extra chopping power which comes in handy when you’ve filled the blender full of kale or spinach, which I do a lot.

This Ninja blender also comes with convenient cups, and it won’t break the bank while providing you a with a quality kitchen appliance that will last you a very long time.

Nutri Bullet Blender – Pro

Nutri Bullet Pro Blender

Most Popular “Bullet Style” Smoothie Blender

The “bullet style” blenders work really well for smoothies thanks to their unique cup like design. They’re great if you’re in a hurry since you can throw all the smoothie ingredients into the cup, blend it, drink it, and clean it rather quickly.

This smoothie blender is best for 1-2 servings max, so if you’re making smoothies for the whole family all at once this may not be the best one for you. But if convenience and quality are important to you, the Nutri Bullet Pro Blender is hard to beat.

Vitamix 750 Pro Heritage Blender

Vitamix Smoothie Blender 750 Heritage

Best Vitamix Blender Smoothie

When it comes to high performance blending, Vitamix blenders are the Rolls-Royce of smoothie blenders. Although this one doesn’t come cheap, it has ALL the nice bells and whistles of a high end blender such as 2.2 horsepower motor, sound dampening, laser cut stainless steel blades, and more. It even has a low profile design so it fits under kitchen cabinets easier.

So if you’re interested in making a serious investment in your health, this professional quality Vitamix blender is a good choice for you.

Ninja Smoothie Blender

best blenders for smoothies: Ninja Blender

Best Ninja Blender Under $100

This Ninja blender one of my favorite blenders, I use mine every day and it’s wonderful. It’s one of the best blenders for smoothies on the market. 

The Ninja blender has 1000 watts of power, which is plenty enough for any of my smoothie recipes. It’s also easy to clean and well made.

It’s also a great deal for a high quality blender. I highly recommend this Ninja Smoothie Blender as the best blender for green smoothies in my house.

Best Blenders for Smoothies- Small blenders

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blender

Nutri Bullet Blender - Best Blender for Smoothies

Best Bullet Blender Under $100

This is another bullet smoothie blender I use often in my kitchen. It’s so convenient to just throw everything into the container, hit go, and have a perfect smoothie in almost no time. And cleaning up this Magic Bullet Blender is the best part, it’s so much easier than a regular blender.

Special Tip: I recommend using this one with my breakfast smoothies, since it’s so convenient to use and clean up. You’ll be able to make healthy, quick, delicious breakfasts without all the morning stress.

Oberly Portable Blender

This Oberly portable smoothie blender has rechargeable batteries and a detachable cup. We love that you cab easily take this on vacation, a work trip, even down to the pool!

Camping will never be the same when you can make margaritas thanks to your new portable blender!

This is the best smoothie blender for travel!

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Best personal blender

If you’re looking to make single serving smoothies, sauces, or salad dressings, a personal blender is a great option!

This smoothie maker can be placed in the dishwasher, and the removable cup can travel with you for smoothies on the go…

Kitchenaid Countertop Blender

Kitchenaid blender best blenders for smoothies

This Kitchenaid countertop blender is the best smoothie blender I have ever used… and it is STUNNING to look at!

I am absolutely smitten with this powerful smoothie blender, Kitchenaid launched this new blender and it is quickly climbing to the top of the market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it surpass Vitamix blenders as the best blender on the market!

This is the best smoothie blender for countertops!

What Is The Best Smoothie Blenders for smoothies?

The best smoothie blenders for smoothies for you is the one that you’ll want to use every day.

All of these smoothie blenders do a great job, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices, but choose the one that has the features that are important to you.

best blenders for smoothies

Best Countertop Smoothie Blenders

Countertop blenders are the best smoothie blenders out there. Sure the small Nutri blender styles are great, but they just don’t have the power of a good countertop blender!

Check out the best countertop blenders here:

best blenders countertop blenders

Best Portable Smoothie Blenders

Portable blenders are becoming more popular than the traditional countertop smoothie blenders.

Below you will find the best small blender for smoothies to fit your needs. The Ninja Bullet Blender is a reader favorite.

Below are the best portable smoothie blenders:

best blenders for smoothies portable blenders

Best Professional Blenders for Smoothies

The professional Ninja Blender is probably one of the best on the market, you can add on the ninja blender cups and use your ninja blender like a portable blender.

best smoothie blenders professional blenders

What are the best smoothie blenders for you?

The traditional blender styles, like the Ninja Blender Pro, are great if you plan to use it for more than just smoothies. They can make soups, margaritas, salsa and more.

the best blenders for smoothies

But if you only plan to make 1-2 servings of detox smoothies at a time, you’ll probably want to go with a bullet type blender like the Nutri Bullet Pro Blender. They’re so incredibly convenient for making smoothies.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong as long as you drink more healthy smoothies, and these fruit blender smoothies will help you do that!

A Rundown of the Best Smoothie Blender Brands:

There are so many smoothie makers it can be hard to choose… here are the brands we currently love the most.

vitamix blender best

Ninja Blender

The Ninja blender has become a house hold name! The best ninja blender for smoothies depends on a few factors… how many servings, and will you be using it for more than smoothies?

Below I will help you find which Ninja Blender is the best for you…

Ninja Bullet Blender

If you only plan on making simple serving blender smoothies, then the Ninja Bullet Blender is a good option for you.

Ninja Smoothie Blender

If you’re looking to make larger smoothies, some soups and salad dressings, the best best Ninja Blender for smoothies for you is the Ninja Smoothie Blender.

The Ninja Smoothie blender is the best Ninja blender for smoothies for most people. Best of all, this Ninja Blender is under $100.

Best blenders
Ninja Blender Professional

If you’re looking to use your blender to do more… the Ninja Blender Professional is the one for you!

This Ninja blender is the best Ninja blender for smoothies for you if you want a blender and food processor together. It also includes Ninja Blender cups and the Ninja blender recipes.

NutriBullet Blender

Nutribullet blenders, though the best small blender for smoothies, aren’t all small blenders! They actually have a very high quality Nutribullet Blender for the countertop!

Below I will help you find the best Nutribullet for smoothies for you…

The Small Nutri Blender Pro

The original is often the best Nutribullet for smoothies for most readers.

This Nutribullet blender now comes in all the colors of the rainbow…

The Nutribullet Blender Combo

This countertop Nutribullet blender combo is powerful and well priced.

When looking for all of the power off the small Nutribullet blender, but with more options, the Nutribullet Blender Combo is the best Nutribullet for smoothies and other meals for you

best blenders for smoothies

Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix blender is a big investment… ranging from $277-$1000 it’s the most powerful blender on the market.

So what is the best Vitamix Blender for you? below I will share 3 Vitamix Blender for sale, ranging from the lowest to the highest price.

Vitamix Blender Explorian

This Vitamix Blender might be the best Vitamix Blender for you if you are looking to save a little money.

The lowest price Vitamix blender, this Vitamix Blender for sale has free shipping here:

The Vitamix Blender 5200

The most popular Vitamix Blender is the Vitamix Blender 5200. This powerful smoothie maker has quite the following… and for good reason, it’s know as the best smoothie blender on the market

The Vitamix Blender 5200 is a professional blender, and you will find yourself making much more than smoothies in these amazing smoothie blenders!

The Quiet Vitamix Blender

Ahhh… the Quiet Vitamix Blender. This is no doubt the best Vitamix Blender on the market, but is it the best Vitamix blender for you?

The price is a bit steep, but if you are serious about blending, this Vitamix blender is the best for you

Watch the Vitamix commercial below:

We know that buying a Vitamix blender is a big investment… but that is what it is, and INVESTMENT! YOu will get years out of these powerful smoothie makers.

Check out the power and speed of the incomparable Vitamix Blender in this Vitamix Blender commercial:

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