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Lose Weight by Eating

10 Recipes for Low Calorie Desserts

Recipes for low calorie desserts can help you stay on track during weight loss or weight maintenance. Our first goal at Lose Weight By Eating is to provide you with healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods, so you...

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Scones: 15 Recipes for Scones

Recipes for Scones are easy to make, and come in a lot of different flavors. In the following scones recipes I’ve cut 100’s of calories, making these treats healthier. What is a scone? A scone is a small slightly...

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10 Healthy Cookies with Oatmeal

This list of 10 Healthy Cookies with Oatmeal will include 10 recipes, two cooking videos and loads of tips to make healthy oatmeal cookies.  I love healthy cookies with oatmeal, and have included a recipe for homemade cookies in...

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Healthy Chocolate Brownies Recipe

This Healthy Chocolate Brownies Recipe is the perfect balance between chewy outer crust and fudgy chocolate center. Our healthy brownie recipe is one of the most popular desserts on the Lose Weight By Eating website… who doesn’t love chocolate, right?! I...

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Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe

I love making my own chocolate syrup! This homemade chocolate syrup recipe is only 3 ingredients (if you don’t count water and salt) and can be made in a flash! When you make chocolate sauce homemade, you know what’s...

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