Fat to Skinny: How I lost 150 Pounds in One Year

Audrey Johns before and after photo

I get a lot of questions from readers asking me how I went from fat to skinny in one year. While most of this blog is about my journey to lose the weight, I’ve decided to write a summary here to cover the basics and teach others how to get skinny, too.

Lose Weight By Eating cookbooks:


It all started around 2012, when a friend of mine helped me out with my before and after weight loss pictures. When he pasted them together (yes that was too high-tech for me), I was shocked at my own transformation. I posted it up on Facebook and friends started e-mailing me asking me questions everyone was shocked…

HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT FAST FOR SKINNY PEOPLE WITHOUT BELLY FAT(for skinny girls/guys)(fast metabolism)✅

I figured I would dedicate a post to their questions and encourage you to ask me questions below as well. Before we start I have to thank the wonderful Candice Kumai, I picked up a copy of her book and it changed my life! Her book Pretty Delicious taught me how to cook some great recipes, but more importantly it taught me how to eat real food and gave me my new skinny body.

How did I go from fat to skinny in one year?

Here are a few questions I have received:

What did you eat?

I eat only all natural foods, no processed foods, no fake sugars none of that. Lean proteins from the butcher, fresh veggies and fruits from the farmer’s market and fresh bread from the bakery.

I try to add as many Metabolism Boosting foods to my diet as I can so that my food works for me instead of just feeding me.

Did you work out?

Not as much as I would have liked to, I kept my body moving but to be honest I had no real workout regimen. I do now, the Bar Method and I am completely obsessed! A combo of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet, low impact ass kicking fun, there are teenagers, Mom’s and even a 90 year old diva in the class. It is for everyone, look for a class near you!

What did an average day’s meals look like?

Before the weight started coming off   (THIS IS THE BAD STUFF):

  • Jimmy Dean Light Breakfast Sandwich (Breakfast)
  • Lean Cuisine (Lunch)
  • Chicken w/ Rice and Veggies (Dinner)
  • and tons and tons of diet sodas in between

What made the weight come off and I continue to eat now:

Cherry Almond Scone or Strawberry and Cream Oatmeal (Breakfast), Spicy Veggie Chili with Homemade Chips or Smothered Baked Potato (Lunch), Steak with Veggies or Baked Chicken with Bean Salad (Dinner) and tons and tons of water.

What did you change about your diet?

As you can see above I was eating what some people would assume was healthy before the weight would come off, but I was eating foods w/ preservatives and chemicals in them, plus having a few too many carbs at dinner and worst of all drinking tons of diet sodas and flavored waters and almost no actual water.

Look at the picture below, I copied this from Pinterest and put on my desktop so I can look at it anytime.

Fat to Skinny in One Year

If you see above, all the foods that I now eat are well balanced, all natural and satisfying. They also all have natural metabolism boosting properties in most of them. Oatmeal has become my favorite breakfast ever, it really gears up your metabolism and if you toss in some cinnamon, apples and almonds that is 4 ingredients that kick your metabolism up a notch.

I break my diet plan at 3 pm for bread and salty foods, how do I overcome this?

Have a carb heavy lunch, a sandwich from Subway or a Panini with salty fillings like sharp cheese and left over lean meat. Or something with pasta, but low calorie so you stay on plan. The idea is that you are feeding those cravings before they happen and you are doing it with an essential meal rather than just a snack.

I personally crave sweets in the late morning, so I enjoy oatmeal or scones for breakfast and the cravings are gone.

I use to be an avid runner, had an injury can not work out, now I’m gaining weight, help!

I recommended removing all or most snacks and concentrate on 3 meals a day about 300 calories a meal. With this plan you can still have a glass of wine, a small desert or a light snack worked in somewhere in the day. Meals should be mostly veggies, this way you have a HUGE plate of food with a very small calorie count.

So cut your protein and carbs in half and double your veggies. Once she gets back to running, snacking and an increase of 50-100 calories per meal will be OK.

I personally try not to snack, if I do it’s right after I have worked out… I would rather have a glass of wine at night 🙂

What’s the most important habit you recommend for how to get skinny?

I beg you all, if you too want to go from fat to skinny, then put down the processed foods, including the fake sugars (all of them please) and pick up nature’s 100 calorie pack, a banana.

If you have questions or need a weight loss cheerleader I am your gal, no judgement, no pressure, just a friend who wants to see you thin, healthy and happy.

Happy Cooking!

Check out some low calorie Metabolism Boosting BreakfastsFilling Lunches and Fast Family Dinners here and under categories to your right. I also have a search bar, say you want to make chicken type in “chicken” and you will have a ton of recipes to choose from. You’ll be going from fat to skinny yourself in no time!

UPDATE: Since writing this post back in 2012, I have appeared on numerous TV shows, including the Rachael Ray Show, and have come out with my own Lose Weight by Eating Cookbook! I am now a full time author teaching others to eat right and learn how to be skinny, too!

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  3. Very inspiring – almost seems impossible, but the picture proves it all. You look great and probably feel that way too. That is exactly what I want and need to do. However, I don’t know how to accomplish it – have become sedentary due to an injury, and gained due to that and also meds. It is a never ending battle. Plus with allergies, I am having difficulty with those restrictions as well. Please help in any way you can. Thanks !!

  4. Is it really possible to lose 150 pounds in a year? I really need to do this plan! You are so inspirational and so supportive! I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in the last year, but it’s coming off so slowly, and I have another 100 pounds to go! After being chronically dehydrated, I followed your advice about drinking a gallon of water a day and feel SO MUCH BETTER! THANK YOU for giving me hope that it might not take YEARS to get the rest of this weight off!

  5. Hi I am just getting started. I really feel inspired by you. I have lost weight before. I have a hard time keeping it off. This time around that is going to be my focus, keeping it off for good. Thank you for your blog.

  6. It is very difficult to respond on this site, a glitch we are working on, so if we can move this conversation over to my Facebook message page that would be so helpful.

    I like to freeze all left overs, so on nights when I can’t cook I have ready made meals, that might help for the nights you work. You can absolutely feed your family these meals, they are all natural and super healthy for everyone even pregnant women!

    Message me on Facebook and we can chat some more:


  7. It is very difficult to respond on this site, a glitch we are working on, so if we can move this conversation over to my Facebook page message page that would be so helpful.

    How about frozen fruits and veggies? Frozen meats? Are those reasonably priced? Those would be good alternatives, and are picked and frozen the the height of the season so they should be very tasty too. Do you have time (or the desire to) make your own bread? That could be a good alternative and pasta is fine usually.

    Message me on Facebook and we can chat some more:


  8. I love your ideas, and I think it’s great that it worked for you. I would love to try it, but living in the interior of Alaska fresh unprocessed food is pretty expensive. And right now due to an injury to my back my husband and in are down to one salary to take care of 6 people. Do you have any tips on how to do this with almost no money (coupons are difficult to do up here and make it worth it because the stores up here don’t have any coupon programs like double coupon day). I am really interested in any ideas. Due to my injury I’m almost immobile and am steadily gaining weight. I would like to stop the weight increase and start decreasing. Thank you for your help.

  9. I am very excited to find your site. Thank you pintrest. I am excited to change apple juice to apple cinnamon water in my house. I have been hovering at 209 for almost 2 years now and I am tired of feeling awful both about myself and physically. Plus new motivation to get healthy, we want to have our “final” addition to our family and I refuse to be overweight and pregnant again. It is miserable. I have two questions. Can my family eat this also, just as family meals? And I am a night nurse who works 3 nights a week any tips on how to make an eatting plan that would fit my life?

  10. This is so inspiring! I’ve always been a little intimidated by diets, but I think I can follow what you did and try all of these wonderful recipes! Thank you so much for posting all of this.

  11. also I love love love all the little add on’s you’ve done for the water. Never would have thought to do that! I only drink water or the occasional tea, my stomach can’t handle any other drinks so these will be fun to try.

  12. I cannot stop going through your site. Just found it yesterday and my mom and I now have a huge shopping list of goodies to get. thanks for sharing this with everyone. you’re an inspiration. 🙂

  13. Ok I’m getting married in August I’m I need to lose at least 80 lbs by then!! Bought my wedding dress a size smaller for motivation but now I’m just depressed!! I worry I can’t do it!! I need help and I don’t know whwpere to turn!! Where do I start its so overwhelming??

  14. Yes, i enjoy this site as well! It make me to open my own. Trustfully will make people to enter my site

  15. Hi Mallory,

    I recently met a nurse who also asked me how to overcome crazy hours. I am a firm believer that you should only eat when you are hungry. So I have to ask you, when are you hungry?

    I often use the analogy of the car, you ant to fill it with gas before you drive it not before you put it away in the garage at night. But that does not mean that you can’t eat at 10pm if that is dinner time for you, it just means that you should eat fewer calories at night and more during the day.

    Let me know WHEN you ARE hungry and I will see what I can do for you 🙂


  16. My goal is to lose 50-60 pounds. But its so hard because of my lifestyle. I’m a cook at a restaurant and I work full time. So I am always worn out and never on a set schedule. I can eat breakfast but never really want to and then when it comes to lunch I can’t eat until 2-4 in the afternoon and dinner is pointless because I can’t eat until 10-12 depending on when I get home. I just need some help and advice on what to do! I’m actually looking for a different job right now but until that happens I’m stuck in a rut. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  17. I need to loose at least 50 lbs.. I am tipping the scale at close to 200lbs 🙁 And i am only 5’3″. What tips do you have for me? I need easy tips so that I can stick with it..

  18. HA HA HA HA 🙂

    You are a funny gal Brennlynn!! Thanks for stopping by and for the message, I think I have already answered a message from your sis 🙂

    I recommended she check out my facebook page:


    You both might like these posts:



    Good luck to the both of you, if you want it bad enough and do your homework you can get skinny in one year too!


    P.S take a before pic, I never did because I didn’t want to and now I regret it! Just don’t look at it until you want to.

  19. Hi Audrey! Your story is truly inspirational. My twin sister & I have been on what seems like a never-ending, not-gonna-budge plateau. We are both at your “before” weight. I came across your story on Pinterest & decided to check out your blog. I’m excited to check out your recipes & form a plan. I’m hoping this will kick the plateau’s ass, which I hope will reduce the size of our asses! Congrats on your successful journey…we hope to follow in your footsteps:-)

  20. My twin sister and I have been on what seems like a never-ending plateau & have been so discouraged & frustrated. I saw a post on Pinterest & decided to check out your blog. I am so glad I did! We are both at your “before” weight & hope to follow in your very successful footsteps.

  21. Thanks for stopping by Candice!

    Can’t wait for the new book, gonna pre order just like I did with Pretty Delicious 🙂


  22. Im so so so so so so proud of you Audrey! This now this is amazing! And you look stunning, glowing, happy and real!! 🙂 Are you ready for the new cookbook??

    I’m going to use your testimonials on some of my promos! xxxx with love, Candice Kumai

  23. Thanks! I did link to your blog (several places in my blog). I will also go onto your facebook page (and I am going to add your facebook page to my acknowledgements page).

    I hope you do get a cookbook deal! Sounds so exciting! If anyone can do it, you can!

    Thank you so much for your help and motivation!!

  24. Hi Dawn!

    How exciting! I can’t wait to check out your blog! You can share any of my posts as long as you give me credit and put a link back to me (you would be shocked how many people have not done that), my goal is to help people lose weight that is it, well and maybe get a cookbook deal 😉

    Keep me up to date on your weight loss journey, if you hit a plateau contact me, I will help you get over it 🙂 I respond faster on my facebook page:



  25. I found your blog via pinterest and I am so happy I did! Congratulations on the weight loss! Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable information. I have tried many diet and exercise plans, some with limited success, others had crazy ideas that were impossible to live with or exercises that were way too challenging to continue. I am truly inspired by your story and how you dropped 150 lbs by eating real foods and all without any fancy diet plans or gimmicks.

    It is also amazing that we have so many things in common (I too met my husband on-line, back when Yahoo had a personals page … moved from the city to the country 5 months ago for a healthier life … for starters … LOL).

    Finding your website was the best thing that could have happened to me. You have given me true motivation to become my healthiest yet. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes!! I have created my own plan – a combination of plans really – uniquely “me” plan with a combination of ideas and thoughts, including following your blog, food pairing, and adding more raw, negative calorie, and metabolism boosting foods to my diet (I have links on my blog to yours, and to sites that contain information on the different plans I am incorporating into my plan). In addition, I am going to try adding in more exercise to my days; plus I am going to try the Bar Method after purchasing a video.

    To please visit my blog, http://fromfat2skinnyin1year.wordpress.com/ as I also embark on my journey from fat 2 skinny in 1 year.

    Thanks, Dawn

  26. I too am injured, at this time I can’t work out 🙁 But when I am able to I love Barre Method classes, they are low impact with HUGE results. A combo of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga.

    Good Luck, let me know if you like it 🙂

  27. greetings, your blog is so inspirational ! many thanks for sharing, i recently finished grad school and due to a few injuries had to stop working out. now i am ready to get back to my workout and back to being not only in good shape but feeling good and healthy. any suggestions for a good healthy quick start ?

  28. You just made my day! My goal is to inspire people, thank you so much for your kind words!

    I am a Mom too, and there is never enough time in the day. I always keep a big batch of my Chicken Strips in the freezer, my daughter and Husband both love them and they are great when I am in a rush. They make great lunches and dinners.


    My Chilli is also great for a big family, you can easily make it in a crock pot and come home to a beautiful meal. Freeze the left overs for easy on the go lunches or to pour over turkey dogs later in the week for dinner.


    If you make a Whole Chicken you might as well make 2, they both will fit in a turkey pan and you already have the oven on and all. Once you are done with dinner and the extra chicken is cooled pull all the meat off the bones and bag it in 3 batches. When you are in a rush one night you can pull out the chicken and make tacos or burritos on the fly.


    As for the BIG store you should stock up on canned beans, all kinds Black, pinto, garbanzo, kidney get organic if you can. Also stock up on frozen veggies and fruit, they are frozen at their peak and are great to toss together for a fast dinner or dessert. Unsweetened dried fruits are great too to drop in oatmeal, or for making cookies. Cranberries, blueberries, peaches, boxes of raisins for snacks. Last but not least stock up on lean meat, a big sirloin steak will feed your entire family, get some whole chickens a good deal is $5 or less. Chicken breasts, ground turkey, all natural chicken sausage or turkey. All of that. The food that will last on your shelf for a year like cookies, crackers, granola bars are all full of preservatives and chemicals. I recommend you stay away from those and go for a big bag of chopped veggies instead for snacks.

    Just like the chicken, make two of these big steaks and use the left overs for Steak Paninis for lunch later in the week, or in a Steak Salad for lunches all week. You can find both of those recipes on my site, here is the steak recipe.


    Kids want snacks, I get that these cookies are TO DIE FOR! Kids LOVE them, I use my Daughter’s ballet class as my little guinea pigs and both of these the Mom’s STILL talk about months later, make a big batch and store 1/2 in the freezer.



    I hope I answered all your questions, if you have anymore I am happy to help. 🙂


  29. Thank you for sharing. I’m am very encouraged by your story. Its really helping me to see that loosing weight is not impossible but possible, even without a personal trainer or personal chef. It’s something that I can do myself. I am a mom of 4, and work full time so time isn’t always on my side. Are there certain kids of foods that can be made and stored, especially for when the kids go back to school (besides fruits or veggies) and that can be made in bulk. I don’t always have time to ” whip something up” so any tips or advice would be much appreciated . Also money wise, I get more for my buck shopping at wherehouses for a family of 6 rather than a regular grocery store. Is the any specific items that you reccomend ?
    Thank you so much, you are a great inspiration to not only me but to many women as well. I just read your blog today and I am encouraged and determined to change my life and my families as well. Again thank you!!!

  30. I think the appeal of the water recipes are the flavors. At least for me. I get tired of drinking plain water all day, but I know how important it is for overall health. The fact that it boosts my metabolism is an extra bonus! I swear I learn something new about nutrition every time I read your posts! Thanks!

  31. Hi Evie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sending me a message. I am so excited for you to be 27 days clean from that nasty Diet Coke!

    The French Toast is totally addictive! I myself have made it 3 times since I posted it… and I posted it 3 days ago 🙂

    Glad you like the water recipes, can you help me and answer this question for me. What about the water drinks are attractive to you, the flavor, the calorie count or the fact that it boosts metabolism? It would really help me get more water drinks out there for people like you.


  32. Hey Audrey,
    I’m up to 27 days without that Diet Coke and training with some friends with the Couch 2 5K program. I tried the pineapple, apple, grapefruit water. I really liked it. I probably won’t use the whole grapefruit next time as it kind of over powered the other flavors for my taste.
    I have given up every kind of drink except for water and a cup of coffee in the morning. I just use a little stevia in my coffee.
    Thank you for your inspiring blog! I’m really trying to eat healthy and clean as much as possible. I love your recipes. I can’t wait to try the french toast! That looks delicious!
    Keep those good recipes coming! Especially the waters! I really apppreciate them!

  33. Hi Elizabeth!

    I don’t really have a “Plan” but this might help you create one of your own:


    As for meal plans, if you look on the top/middle right of the blog you will see categories for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Choose one of each a day and one item from the sweet treats and snacks category and you will be on your way to a size 2 🙂

    There is also a search bar where you can search for specific recipes or even just plug in “Chicken” and you will get all of my chicken recipes. That will be above the category section. Here is my apple cinnamon water:


    Be sure to keep me up to date on your weight loss progress, I would love to put your story up on my testimonial page!


  34. elizabeth turner

    Is your weight plan posted on your blog somewhere u weight loss is amazing like u i started at 260 pounds last july but i am stuck at 200 no matter what i am going to buy the cookbook and start eating whole food without the chemicals but i just wanted to see a sample day of your diet also is the cinnamon water recipe on your blog i cannot seem to find it thanks

  35. Making small changes is the way to go! Baby steps so you don’t fall.

    I know what you mean about 200 on the scale, it shook me up too but made me give up for a while. You can get skinny and what is great is you can do it NOW! Let me know if I can support you in this journey and message me on facebook anytime:


    It sounds like you may have already read it, but if not check out this post, I think you will find it very useful:



  36. It’s a lot like couscous but slightly crunchier. Get a small box and try it out, I like Ancient Harvest Traditional mostly because it is pre washed, I will put a link below.

    Here is a recipe to try it out in:

    Here is a link to Quinoa, you should be able to find at the grocery store:


  37. Donnita Stamper

    I keep seeing this in recipes and hearing that it is very low on the GI scale and has lots of benefits – but what is it? I mean what texture or taste or other kind of food is it like?

  38. Donnita Stamper

    I found your blog through pinterest – apple and cinnamon water! I have enjoyed getting to go through the past posts and am following for the future. I just saw 200 on the scale and it is funny how 19? didn’t bother me but all of a sudden 200 shook me to the core! I have been trying to learn all I can about food, exercise and weight loss and I am definitely going to pick up the cookbook you recommended! I have only been at it a week – making small changes so that it is something I can do forever not just for now!! Thanks for all the tips and advice – looking forward to seeing more!

  39. That would be so great! I have a bad hand so typing is difficult.

    You can use my pictures, I really only have one and it is on the attached post. I have lost 150 lbs in 12 months and all the recipes on how I did it are on my blog. Mostly I eat Metabolism Boosting foods, I make my food “work” for me.

    I am currently writing a Cookbook and have a YouTube Cooking Channel. I have people following my blog who are losing up to 7 lbs a week just by eating all natural foods, drinking more water and using some key Metabolism Boosting ingredients.

    My picture and my story:

    My Blog Site:

    My Social Media Links:


    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  40. No problem, thank you. However If you want to keep it simple, with your permission, I could just use a cpl of your before & after pics from your website & if you already have a post about your journey on your site, I could just simply use that as well along with your website & social media links

  41. That’s great! Starting is the 1st step, you go girl!

    I was in a terrible car accident and pretty much my entire right side is messed up, especially my hand and arm. So most strength training is impossible for me, even classes and running is not a possibility 🙁

    I found Barre Method classes, they are a cross between Yoga, Pilaties and Ballet. I can’t do all of the movements but I can do most and it is very low impact to it does not effect my leg too bad. You should check it out 🙂

    Keep me up to date on your journey, I know you will do great!!


  42. Thanks for the info….I look forward to filling you in on my journey & hopefully inspiring others along the way. I started watching what type of foods I eat – tracking my food & exercise on an app on my phone. Took before pics & measurements this morning – YIKES! 🙂 Also did the first day in a Couch to 5k program (also an app on my phone). It hurt, but I feel great that I’m getting on the right track to a healthier life. Did you do any sort of strength training? Thank you for the inspiration!

  43. Hi Kayla,

    I am starting a testimonial page and would love to include you in on it. How is your weight loss journey going?

    Let me know if I can support you in the weight loss journey 🙂


  44. Hi Jan,

    So how is the weight loss going? I am starting a testimonial page and want to include you on it! Just reply and tell me how much you have lost, I can’t wait to hear!

    If you have not started yet don’t worry! Tomorrow is a new day, you can change your life step by step.

    I am here for you, let me know if you have any questions or recipe requests.


  45. FYI, I am creating a testimonial page. Keep me updated on your weight loss journey if yOu would like to be featured on it 🙂


  46. Hey Tamara….

    How is that weight loss journey going? I am starting a testimonial page and hoping to get you on there 🙂


  47. Just found your blog thru Pinterest – VERY inspiring! I’m wanting to lose 40-45 lbs, but like you thought I was doing the right thing with the “diet” frozen meals. Definitely going to be changing things up. I LOVE quinoa – do you have any recipes using this?

  48. Oh Martha, I would LOVE to help you!!!

    First thing we have to do is get you enjoying veggies. I don’t know what local veggies you have but I find a baked potato smothered in veggies and topped with hot sauce is delicious and you forget you are eating healthy. Here is one of my recipes that everyone loves, plus it naturally boosts your metabolism:


    Not sure if it’s the same in Nicaragua, but here in the US people are addicted to sugary drinks, or even worse diet sodas full of fake sugar. If you have that same issue (don’t be ashamed I used to myself) try out my Metabolism Boosting Apple Cinnamon Water, it will satisfy your sweet tooth and help you drink a LOT of water, drink a gallon a day and you will start dropping weight right away. Here is the recipe:


    I have some questions for you, what is your goal weight? How much weight do you want to lose? What does a basic day’s meals look like (what do you eat usually)? Here is a link to my Healthy Tips category, check out all the “Smart Swaps” and my “Create Your Own Diet” posts they will get you started. I know I am giving you a lot of reading material, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


    A quick disclaimer, I am not a dietitian or chef just a gal who lost 150 lbs in 12 months. My goal is to teach people what I learned on my weight loss journey. 🙂

    Happy Cooking!

  49. Hey so just found ur site and i love what ur saying, i live in Nicaragua and hate veggies!!! I get bired at working out but really want to loose some weight, i feel like its just lowering my self esteem more when i see all my gorgeous and skinny friends, and i have no idea what to do! do u think u can help me out??

  50. Oh yes Katie, in fact…. sush don’t tell anyone….. I had a scoop of ice cream at 9:30 last night! It has ALWAYS been a problem for me and always will. Even skinny people have bad habits.

    I want to truly help you with this rather than just give you a brief answer. What do crave late at night? What do you usually have for dinner?

    No one is perfect, a friend once told me “If you slip up, tomorrow is a new day, don’t wait to get back on track” don’t beat yourself up, just learn from it and move on.

    Get back to me and I will respond as soon as I can 🙂

    Happy Cooking!!

  51. Thank you for posting your weight loss secrets!! Your before and after pics are so inspiring. I have a question, I was doing very well and maintaining the weight I lost recently but I have started eating late at night again.. which is a HUGE no-no for weight loss. I have bloated up again and am worried I’ll gain it all back if I don’t stop. How do you keep from raiding the fridge before bed? Has that ever been a problem for you?

  52. Thank you SO MUCH Amanda!! That is so sweet of you! You just made my day 🙂

    I would love to write a post for you, do you have any favorite “naughty” meals you want to make “skinny”?

    Happy Cooking!

  53. I just found your site and I love it. I pinned on Pinterest for anyone looking for weight loss tips and recipes. You look amazing and are truly and inspiration!

  54. Hi Jan,

    If you are looking for a cheerleader and weight loss role model you came to the right place 🙂

    Here is my “Healthy Tips” Category of posts, check out the “Smart Swaps” posts there are 3 of them, this will help you see what you should and should not eat:

    Check out “Create Your Own Diet” here, this is a great place to start with your weight loss goals and plans:

    Check out these posts that I wrote for people just like you and let me know what your goals are, your successes and set backs.

    I am here for YOU! Really I am!! I want to help people and give back, I feel so good in my little size 2 body, I want to share how to do it with everyone!

    If you take a look at the right of my site there is a category sidebar with recipes, check them out all the recipes are under 500 calories and are 100% all natural 🙂

    Please keep me updated! Counting calories is not for everyone, and I understand that it can be time consuming, but trying it for a month will at least show you where you might be going wrong. I like to keep a log on my fridge, it helps me stay on track. I only count calories if I have gained a few lbs and don’t know why, I did it for a few months when I first started too, if you count for a few months you will start to get to know your food better and can mentally keep track later on.

    Happy Cooking!

  55. Help I need to loose about 80 pounds ive been up and down my whole life how can I get motivated daughter has lost 71 pounds her way counting calories dont have that time what im I to do. Thanks jan

  56. Thanks Kayla! It was such an amazing journey I want to give back as much as I can and share all I learned 🙂

    So, what ways are you going about your weight loss journey? What are your goals?

    You are in luck, I have a category of recipes dedicated to sweets and snacks. I will post a link to it below, but most often I grad a banana or apple.

    Happy Cooking!


  57. Highly recommend taking pictures. Sometimes the scale is not nice and not are we to ourselves when looking in the mirror.

  58. Hello!

    First of all I would like to say well done!
    You look great! What an amazing achievement!
    Theres lots of people out their saying that the ‘low fat’ options of processed foods are fine, but I agree natural is the way to go!

    I have just started out my weight loss journey and busy trying out different ways to go about it.

    Just a question,
    When you were really wanting to snack what would you have?
    I find myself going for the processed quick snacks when hunger strikes between meals.

    Great blog by the way!


  59. Ok thanks a lot. Just to share my experience. After my baby was born I lost weight by walking up and down the hill for 30 min everyday. But I still had flabby skin so there has to be another way to tighten it up. Any clue?

  60. So glad you like it 🙂 If you have any requests or favorite recipes you want to see lightened up give me a shout out on a post and I will do my best to work it in.

    Happy Cooking!

  61. Thank you!! I am so excited about my transformation I want to share my new found knowledge with everyone! No fad diet just real food.

    The idea of the blog is to show people exactly how I eat now and how I ate to lose the weight (which is the same) I hope you enjoy the recipes and give me a shout out if you have a favorite naughty dish you want to see lightened up 🙂

    Happy Cooking!

  62. Hi Shelley,

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Thank you so much, check out some recipes and let me know if you have any questions or requests.

    Happy Cooking!

  63. Hi,
    You look AMAZING!!! I only know the skinny you. It’s me Shelley from Galileo. I love your blog!!!
    You inspire me!

  64. Ohhh I LOVE the apron in your pic! I have a HUGE collection of aprons 🙂

    Just make small changes, if you change everything all in one day it will overwhelm you, concentrate on drinking more water and eating more greens. That is an easy 1st step.

    Happy Cooking!

  65. It is! I did a detox for a friend’s upcoming book and that helped me look at my diet and fix some issues. It is coming up soon a new cookbook by Candice Kumai 🙂 Just keep working girl, I lost almost all of it in the first 8 months the last few have been a b!tch!

    Happy Cooking!

  66. Thanks!! I am so much more happier and have a ton of energy! During all the weight loss I learned how to cook “skinny” and that is what my blog is all about 🙂

    Happy Cooking!

  67. Awesome! Good for you! Something everyone should strive for even if not trying to lose weight. Chemicals and preservatives don’t have anything to offer. You look great.

  68. I love your story! Ive been putting it off but I’m going to kick it up a notch and get moving (today). I love making fancy aprons but it’s not very active. Thank you and have a great day! Tamara

  69. Yes! Yes! I love it. Eating Lean Cuisine use to be my ‘healthy food’ too. I feel like I could have written this blog. No more preservative and chemicals. Congratulations on your success.

  70. Awesome job!!!

    I lost 80lbs in a year, now I”m working on the last 40. What they say is definitely true… the last bit is always the hardest :/

  71. Good job girl! I have contemplated doing a before and after pic, but am not sure I want to. All your tips are right on. You look awesome!

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