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Hi friends. We have lots of exciting news about Lose Weight by Eating and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you today! You may have noticed I’ve been less active on the blog lately.

The reason is because I’ve been hard at work creating the new Lose Weight by Eating cookbook! This cookbook has taken me over two years to create, but I think you’ll agree it was worth the effort. So what’s with the new Lose Weight by Eating Cookbook?

It all started when I was on ABC’s The Taste in January 2014, with Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Marcus Samuelsson, and Ludo Lefebvre.

Audrey Johns on ABC's "The Taste"

After it aired, I was contacted by several literary agents, and chose the absolute best one. We began the journey of writing a book proposal, pitching the cookbook to dozens of publishing houses and choosing a publishing house. I decided to work with HarperCollins, more specifically with the editor who has helped shape Ree Drummond’s career and published all of her Pioneer Woman cookbooks. My editor wanted to keep the book in the same tone as the Lose Weight by Eating blog – light hearted and fun. It’s a perfect partnership.

The book itself took years to test recipes, write, photograph and edit… and let me tell you, writing a cookbook is hard work. But it’s the last few months (just like planning a wedding or having a baby) that really takes a toll. It’s all exciting and fun, don’t get me wrong, but each day, as the release date gets closer and I get more excited and nervous I’m also tying up loose ends. Which includes creating a new website, speaking to TV shows to set up time to come on and meeting with kitchenware companies to setup sweepstakes and giveaways for all of you.

In the next few months you’ll see some exciting developments for Lose Weight by Eating:

In addition we are working hard on..

  • New TV appearances
  • Upcoming helpful printables
  • Fantastic giveaways and sweepstakes

Audrey Johns with the Lose Weight by Eating Cookbook

So what makes the Lose Weight by Eating cookbook so special?

The last two years I have poured my heart and soul into this new cookbook. I created all new recipes, taking a cue from all of you and your favorite recipes. I filled the book with “naughty made nice” meals, recipes that are typically so unhealthy (but so delicious) and so high in calories that you know you shouldn’t eat them (even though you crave them). I worked hard on the recipes until I got all of them down in calories and up in nutrition, and by the way I didn’t cut portion sizes… because that would not be fair!

My goal for the cookbook was to make the recipes as delicious as their full fat versions, and if I couldn’t make that happen I cut the recipe from the book, I tested over 200 recipes, then cut them down to the best 130. I tried to make skinny onion rings several times before giving up and cutting the recipe, because they were not as good as the full fat version.

I wanted you to be able to have a big dinner for under 500 calories, including a margarita, a full dish AND dessert. To have a big filling lunch with enough calories left over to have some healthy snacks, and breakfasts to curb cravings and keep you full for hours. Every single meal is under 500 calories and it’s not just the main course I’m talking about… it’s the entire meal! You may even find it hard to reach your daily minimum calorie intake with these recipes, which means you can go back for seconds or have a treat from the desert chapter every night!


pologo2 pologo1

There are 130 new recipes in the cookbook, here are a few examples:

Lose Weight by Eating Recipe Examples


  • Peanut Butter Waffles (188 calories)
  • Pumpkin Spice Granola (157 calories)
  • Breakfast Skillet Scramble (194 calories)


  • Roast Beef Sandwich with Creamy Horseradish Spread (272 calories)
  • Chicken, Avocado and Cheddar Quesadilla (307 calories)
  • Pizza Rolls (202 calories for 2 slices)


  • Veggie Packed Lasagna (323 calories)
  • Supreme Pizza (255 calories for 2 slices)
  • Skinny Sloppy Joes (246 calories)

Sweets and Snacks

  • Orange Cream Popsicles (61 calories)
  • Tiramisu (82 calories)
  • Skinny Cheesecake with Raspberry Drizzle (137 calories)
  • Jalapeno Poppers (52 calories)
  • BBQ-Flavored Potato Chips (39 calories)


  • Watermelon Margaritas (116 calories)
  • Skin-Firming Citrus Boost Water (5 calories)
  • Blended Mocha Coffee (138 calories)

I’ll be sharing some of these recipes leading up to the release of my cookbook, so be sure to come back weekly to try a new recipe.

Imagine enjoying 2 big slices of Supreme Pizza for dinner and still having enough calories left over for a glass of wine and a Orange Cream Popsicle later for dessert… all for just 432 calories?! Or a breakfast of Peanut Butter Waffles and Blended Mocha Coffee for just 326 calories. The possibilities are endless, and to help you I have also included 6 weekly meal planners already filled out for you!

The upgraded Lose Weight by Eating weight loss plan

The Lose Weight by Eating Weight Loss Log

Along with the 130 new recipes and meal planners in the new cookbook, I’ve upgraded the Lose Weight by Eating weight loss plan for the cookbook. With this new upgraded weight loss plan I included lots of weight loss and money saving tips to help you lose weight and save money while you do it. You can still access the original weight loss plan here on the blog, but many of you have asked me to put it into a book and I have answered with a resounding “you got it babe.” I didn’t toss out the old plan, just upgraded it and added extra tools to help you accelerate your weight loss.

Because Lose Weight by Eating is all about losing weight by eating metabolism boosting food I didn’t want to do a separate book for the weight loss plan, instead I wanted to combine the weight loss plan and the recipes together in this 300+ page book… a one stop shop, if you will, for weight loss and yummy weight loss food.

In this weight loss plan I included the 4 goals in the Lose Weight by Eating plan, and then I drilled down and got into detail in each goal, I gave tips to make each goal easier and even included what I like to call “The Lose Weight by Eating SECRET WEAPON” if you can master this one secret weapon you will succeed in weight loss, period!

Also included in the weight loss plan portion of the book, are tools to help you set and meet your weight loss goals, tips to help measure success and new printables to help make the journey easier and more productive.

If you have not already, I encourage you to pre-order your copy now. There are many advantages to buying now and not waiting:

  1. If you order on Amazon you get the guaranteed lowest price, but if the price drops between now and when it ships in April, you get the lowest price and you don’t even have to do anything to get it, Amazon takes care of it for you!
  2. You are guaranteed a copy! We expect to sell out… you don’t want to be on back order!
  3. By pre-ordering you are telling my publishing house you love me, then they will ask me to write another book…. more books = happy you and happy me!


pologo2 pologo1

I’m super excited about all these new developments, and honored to have helped guide you through your weight loss journeys. I hope you’ll be as excited about all these developments as I am, and I hope the cookbook helps you enjoy what you crave while feeding your body what it needs. Thanks for taking time out of your day to let me share all these exciting developments with you… and Happy Cooking!

XO Audrey

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