Cook Along Challenge

Cook Along Challenge

Welcome to the Lose Weight By Eating Cook Along Challenge!

We had so much fun last month with our “No Look November” challenge that I wanted to keep the challenges coming with a fun and easy to complete group event.

Cook Along Challenge

I felt like I got to know so many of you, and that I was able to really be a part of your lives, helping and guiding you though a healthy lifestyle challenge.

And that’s what we will do this month, we will work together to cook and eat healthier, all while making it fun!

What is the Lose Weight By Eating Cook Along?

So what is the Cook Along Challenge? The goal is to cook as many Lose Weight By Eating recipes in December as you can. This includes both from the website, and the cookbooks.

That’s thousands of recipes to choose from, and I’m just a comment away on Facebook and Instagram to help you find the perfect recipes for your tastes and diet.

Let’s get cooking!

This time of year is filled with cookies and cocktails. Holiday parties with chips and dips, and we all come out of the month feeling bad about at least some of the choices we have made.

That’s why New Year’s resolutions are so popular… because we have been eating bad all of December!

So this month let’s concentrate on eating healthy meals as much as possible. If you add in healthy foods, the unhealthy foods will naturally be pushed out. And that is the goal for this cook along. Cook and eat as many Lose Weight By Eating healthy recipes as possible to help you avoid the unhealthy stuff.

How to Do the December Cook Along Challenge

  1. Visit for healthy recipes! This website has over 1000 healthy recipes, choose your favorites (they all have printable recipe cards too!)
  2. Comment Daily on my December Cook Along Facebook and Instagram posts. Share photos of your food, how you’re feeling and what you’re cooking.
  3. Visit my FB and Insta pages daily for healthy tips and recipes to make HEALTHY FOOD a priority.
  4. Use the Hashtag #DecemberCookAlong on each comment so I can see them better.

BONUS ENTRIES: Each day I will share BONUS RECIPES, and if you cook them and post a photo in the comments, you get 2 entries to win!

Furthermore, each comment and photo of food will also be an entry to win! Just make sure to use the hashtag #DecemberCookAlong so I can see them all… We had thousands of entries in last month’s challenge.

December Cook Along Prizes!

This month I want to try a new approach, each comment, photo, share (make sure they are public otherwise I can’t see them!) will be an entry to win. So instead of needing to have the most comments, you just need to participate as much as possible.

In the beginning of January I will pull all the entries to win, and use a random pull generator to decide the winners.

So the more you participate, the more chances you get to win!

Prize #1 One participant will win a 30 minute zoom/google meet call with me to review and set goals so you can head into the New Year with health and wellness in mind.

Prize #2 One participant will get a copy of one of my cookbooks (you get to choose from all 4). For US participants you can choose a Kindle or Hardcopy, and everyone else a Kindle copy (sorry, I’m just a single mom and can’t afford the shipping quite yet).

Prize #3 One participant will be chosen to be followed back on social media (you choose Facebook or Instagram) by me!

How To Win:

All you have to do is participate! Comment on posts with the hashtag #DecemberCookAlong and post photos of the food you’re cooking. Bonus posts will be up as well, if you cook those recipes and post a photo you get 2 entries to win.

So comment, like and share (I can only see shares if you make them public) on Facebook and Instagram and I will pick the top participants as winners. 

How Can This Challenge Help You?

By eating healthy food you will naturally push out the unhealthy stuff! And by being part of a community you will have lots of cheerleaders cheering you on and encouraging you to keep going.

That’s what this challenge will be for you, motivation, community, healthy tips and food, and fun!

Are You In?

Are you ready to start cooking with me? With all of the readers on the website and social media?

Let’s get ahead of the New Year’s Resolutions and start some healthy habits NOW! So you can walk into 2023 feeling great and confident in the kitchen!

And for those of you who don’t like to cook… I will be sure to share “No Cook” meals that count as entries to win! So everyone feels there is a place for them in this fun cook along challenge.

Special Notes:

I reserve the right to discontinue following a winner on social media if their posts/pages are not within the spirit of the Lose Weight By Eating social media pages. Furthermore, spam and negative/rude comments will not be counted as entries to win.