6 Week Fitness Challenge

6 Week Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the Lose Weight By Eating 6 Week Fitness Challenge. You can do this on your own, with a friend, or with the LWBE Facebook group when we have scheduled challenges. No matter your movement abilities or goals, this fitness week will work for you!

6 Week Fitness Challenge

Here is the breakdown on the fitness week challenge. It’s 6 weeks as that’s long enough to set a new habit, but short enough to be easy.

  • Week 1: In week 1 your challenge is to try out several different exercises to find something you actually enjoy. I recommend you try out a new exercise everyday for 5 days. This can include classes, walking, home videos, yoga, hiking, riding a bike, weight lifting, etc.
  • Week 2: This week your challenge is just to go. Go to the gym, go on the walk, etc.Your goal is making the action of “going” part of your daily routine. If you get to the gym and want to do something else (like sit in the sauna) that’s ok. It’s about working the act of going into your day.
  • Week 3: Now that you have found an exercise you like and worked the time into your schedule, it’s time to challenge yourself. Your goal for this week is 3 hours of exercise. Break it up however you like just get it done. Examples: 30 minutes a day for 6 days or 45 Minutes a day for 4 days
  • Week 4: Same as last week, but let’s add one more hour to the weekly goal this week. This is a great time to add on weight training if you’re not doing it already, or cardio, stretching. Or just add a one hour hike or bike ride onto the weekend.
  • Week 5: Now that you are exercising on a regular basis, and have worked it into your schedule. It’s time to keep going. Keep up the schedule you have set for yourself, the more you do it, the easier it is to keep going. And that is half the battle!
  • Week 6: Final week, I bet you find that exercising is so much easier now. You have set a healthy new habit and now you just have to stick with it. I recommend completing the week as you have been going. If you want to add on more time, start next week and add on 30 minutes per week as you like.

Exercises to Try

I assume most of you are ready to start just from the above information. But I have lots of resources on exercise (and food- see the next section) for those who want more information. If you are unable to move well please check out YouTube for FREE SEATED YOGA classes. These are great and absolutely count as exercise and work in this challenge!

Healthy Eating Options

This is a fitness challenge, but as this is the #1 Low Calorie and Healthy recipe website, I feel I must add some food options to the mix here. This is not required in the fitness challenge, it’s an add on should you want to boost your protein and lower your calories.

6 Week Fitness Challenge PDF

Here is the printable PDF, it includes so much so be sure to check it out.