Weight Loss Struggles: Holiday Happenings, Halloween to New Years

If you have already read my Weight Loss Struggles: Party Time you have done your homework, if you have not make sure to check it out you will get more useful tips for everyday gatherings.

When most people think about the “Holiday Crunch” and what it will do their waistline they always think Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the pie and cookies in between. We forget about the end cap holidays, Halloween with all it’s candy and New Years when you are trying to stuff yourself into your LBT (little black dress).

My goal for your “Holiday Crunch” this year, for you to be healthier, leaner and happier and when you slip on that LBT on New Year’s Eve you look better in it than you ever have.


1. Don’t steal candy from your babies!

Your kids worked hard for that candy, and the stuff in the bowl by the door, you’re not going to deprive any cute neighbor kids from that are you? Instead buy yourself a good bar of dark chocolate, when you crave some of that preservative filled junk food go take a small square off your chocolate bar.

2. Banish the bowl at your door.

Two tips here, first buy your candy on Halloween. It is always 50% off and you won’t be tempted to munch on it all month long. Tip number two, the day after Halloween take the candy to work or better yet, some Dentists will buy your candy! I bet your kids will even give up some of their treasure for the promise of cold hard cash!


1. Rethink your plate!

Your plate should be 50% veggies, 25% protein and 25% grains. So fill up on veggies and a salad and then have a small scoop of everything you desire. Don’t skip the once a year dishes on your favorite on holidays, this is after all a holiday. Have a small amount of your favorite, like your Mom’s Mashed Potatoes and be sure to pour some of that amazing gravy that Grandma makes over those potatoes and if you have to, go ahead and anoint your veggies in the gravy. Today is a special day, don’t over do it, have a little of everything then move on.

2. Pay it Forward and Backwards.

The day before and the day after Thanksgiving you can prepare your body and help repair the damage. Drink a gallon or more of water, if you really don’t like the taste of water check out my Famous Apple Cinnamon Water. Along with the water intake increase your veggie intake. If you can, go vegetarian the day before and after a big eating holiday. Try out my Metabolism Boosting Meals for some veggie heavy recipes that will help correct any damage that you have done and to keep you full and satisfied. Do NOT starve yourself, that is not healthy, eat salads and fancy Veggie Wraps that are like a detox plan in a tortilla.


1. Help Santa stay on his diet.

My all time favorite activity is making cookies with my daughter, especially the ones we leave out for Santa. This year make some cookies that are actually good for Santa, my Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and my Peaches and Cream Cookies are both good for Santa and good for your little helpers.

2. Get outside and play with your new toys!

Get outside and play with your kids after they open their toys, and while I’m on that subject get your kids some toys that are great to play with outside. No outside gifts given? Make a new tradition like snow ball fights, family tag football, volleyball (for my So-Cal readers) or build a snowman. Make a new tradition of moving your body more on Christmas.

3. Strings of street lights, Even stop lights, Blink a bright red and green-

If you live in a warmer area that is not covered in snow make a new tradition of walking your neighborhood after dark with your family. Look at all the holiday lights and meet your neighbors, you will be surprised at how many of them will be outside to shake your hand and maybe even give you some hot cider.

New Years:

1. Save it for the Champagne!

It’s just not New Years without a glass of champagne, but that doesn’t mean you need to drink it all night until you are a sloppy mess that can’t stay up till midnight. Fill your glass with water or club soda with a twist of lime at this year’s party or at home with your family. Go zero calorie on your drinks all night so you can indulge and enjoy some champagne at midnight. Each glass of champagne has 78 calories, so enjoy a glass of bubbly but just make it one glass.

2. Hey you two, get a room!

Kissing burns up to 80 calories per minute, so make that midnight kiss a good one! Find a quiet corner and pretend like you’re 15 again, just be sure your In-Laws don’t catch you, or your kids, you will never live it down!

3. Be the Dancing Queen!

Dance the night away, I can’t dance enough! Every party, wedding and any event with a dance floor I’m the first on the dance floor and the last off. Dancing burns over 200 calories per hour, so get out there with your honey, kids or girlfriends and shake your booty!

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