Lose Weight by Eating

Low Calorie Mojitos Recipe

This mojitos recipe is only 100 calories… thanks to my low calorie cocktail trick! There are only 5 mojitos ingredients in this low calorie recipe, and I have included a shopping list for you to make things easier. It’s...

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Day Spa Mango Mojito Water

This delicious Mango Mojito Infused Water is truly a healing elixir. The name sounds like a cocktail, but the Vitamin C and Mint will help you feel better in no time. On some of the comment boards people have...

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Citrus Mojito Soda

The combination of lime, mint and seltzer has hit me hard and stayed with me. It was inevitable that I would make a soda water infused with these lovely flavors. Remember, it won’t taste like an actual mojito (wouldn’t...

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