Lose Weight by Eating

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

These low calorie alcoholic drinks will help you save 100’s of calories. In this article on low calorie cocktails, I will share several make at home low calorie alcoholic drinks as well as low calorie drinks at the bar....

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Honeydew Mojito Infused Water

This fat burning Honeydew Mojito Infused Water is perfect before, during and after a workout. It’s packed with vitamin C to keep your metabolism going strong. In addition, the mint will help cool you down after a hot workout. The...

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Mango Infused Water with Basil

I love mangoes. And I use basil in practically everything. It was just a matter of time before I created this Mango Infused Water with Basil recipe. Basil is a delicious, natural anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic herb. Along with an overly sweet...

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