Skinny People Secrets

Have you ever gone out to dinner with a skinny friend and thought “What the heck, she eats as much as me”? I use to, and finally got the secrets out of one of them, after using these tips I dropped 130 lbs in 8 months… do I have your attention now?

Drink Lots of Water- Drink it like it’s going out of style! Drink two large glasses before you eat a meal this will help you fill up a little first. Water cleans out your body and keeps you hydrated, if you are hungry for a snack first have a big glass of water, if you are still hungry after go ahead and have a small snack but most of the time you just need to fill your belly with water.

Don’t Drink Diet Sodas- Besides in advertisements, have you ever seen a really skinny person drinking a diet soda? Think about it… right, I told you. It is a lost opportunity to drink more water, plus just because it has “zero calories” does not mean it is good for you. Stop missing this opportunity to get skinny, put down that soda and pick up a glass of H2O.

Eat Only Real Food- Are you planning to go to the grave soon? So why are we “preserving” our bodies already? Foods with preservatives are good for one thing- stockpiling your bomb shelter in case of the apocalypse, and that is IT! Skinny people eat real food, no processed crap. So often people are shocked that I gave up all processed food, like it’s so hard… it’s not just read some of my recipes, that is how skinny people eat.

Move Your Body- Not every skinny person makes it to the gym everyday, but they do make an effort to move more. Park far away at the mall, go for a walk after dinner, dance with your spouse in the living room on a rainy night, make an effort to move your body more everyday and you will see the difference.

Know Your Calories- Need to know how many calories to have a day? Take your goal weight and add a zero to the end of it, so if you want to 120 lbs you eat 1200 calories everyday, no more.

Reset Button- No one is perfect, we all slip up and eat something bad, even skinny people. The difference with skinny people is they go right back to their old routine the same or next day, none of this “I will get back on track on Monday” today is a new day start NOW!

Do not Deprive-  This is a big one, don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, either find low cal substitutions or have them only once in a while. If you deprive yourself you will one day binge on them and fall back into bad habits, and never reward yourself with food you are not a dog!

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