Skinny Food Binge and Hangover Remedies

Eat too much? Drink too much? We all do it and pay the price.

Here are my Skinny Food Binge and Hangover Remedies. Get yourself a glass of water and read up, you will be feeling better in no time.

Eat too much?

I’m not gonna preach to you, you are already feeling icky, I have done it and it would be a lie  if I said it won’t ever happen again. Plus you don’t need me to tell you something you ate is bad, your body does that already! It’s your job to listen to your body.

1. Get some water!

Water is your friend! It will flush your system and get all that icky food out. You don’t need some fancy elixir you just need water. If your tummy is hurting my Lavender and Mint Water can help calm your sick feelings and help you get more water down. I can not express this enough, drink some water!

2. Go Vegetarian.

If you can go vegetarian for 24-48 hours your body will recover much faster. You need to flush your system, you need fiber and lots and lots of it! Have a hearty filling Metabolism Boosting Apple Pie Oatmeal for breakfast, a yummy Fruit and Nut Salad for lunch followed by a Metabolism Boosting Veggie Skillet for dinner. These will all keep you full but will also scrub you clean from the inside out.

3. Sweat it out sister!

You need to sweat out some of those toxins, so it’s time to hit the gym. Bring a bottle of water and make a goal to fill it up 3-5 times depending on size. Just do your favorite workout, you are already feeling icky you don’t need to make an ass out of yourself in a new class too. Then if you have a steam room take advantage of it, sweat it out taking cold showers when you get real hot. Drink tons and tons of water.

Drink too much?

I can preach about drinking too much and how very un-sexy and embarrassing it can be, or I can be the cool “big sister” and tell you how to get over it. I choose cool big sister… here are my hangover cures.

1. Get some water!

Just like a food binge, you need to flush your system and water is what you need. If your head is fuzzy and aching I recommend working some natural anti-inflammatory like Basil into your diet. Try out my Mango Basil Water water. You are also probably dehydrated, so what are you waiting for? Go get some water, I can wait…

For more of a sick stomach hangover try out my Lavender and Mint Water or even just Mint Water will regulate your system and help you feel better.

2. Heat is your friend!

Even if you don’t like spicy foods I recommend you try the “heat” trick. I have found if you have some spicy food it will burn that hangover right out of you. Instead of going through a drive through for a nasty greasy burritos try out my Chili Smothered Cheese Omelet  it will cure all that ails you.

A note on the grease, try heat instead there are almost zero calories in jalapenos and they help just as well, if not better than the 1000’s of calories that are in some greasy fast food. If you don’t eat spicy food go easy, maybe some salsa on your eggs or de-seed your jalapeno for your omelet, go as hot as you can stand and still enjoy you food.

3. Potatoes and Pasta, cheap and filling.

You need to soak up all that nastiness in your belly, instead of filling it with preservative filled chips or crackers feed yourself for real and make some hearty food that will soak up that alcohol, and leave you feeling satisfied and serene.

If your tummy is still not feeling better by lunch or dinner try my Caprese Sandwich, still needing more spicy food check out my Caliente Baked Potato or my Spicy Veggie Chili with Homemade Chips.

Don’t think about food in “How Many Carbs” that is so 2005! Think about what your body needs now, as long as you keep an eye on the calorie intake and go all natural you can’t stray too far with properly portioned whole wheat organic pasta and potatoes. Add in veggies, as many as you can, my Caliente Potato is an excellent way to get tons of veggies into a delicious Metabolism Boosting meal.

Are you feeling better now? The idea here is to just take care of your body, do you REALLY know what is in a boxed meal or a “diet” frozen dinner? Read the ingredients and tell me, do you feel comfortable consuming “foods” that you can’t pronounce? I used to live off processed foods, and when I quit and started eating all natural I lost 150 lbs in one year! Read more about my story by visiting my About Audrey page and be sure to check out some of my Metabolism Boosting Meals while you’re here.


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