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lose weight by eating easy dinners

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    lose weight by eating

Lose Weight By Eating is full of comfort food made healthy! In my first cookbook I concentrated on on the food you crave (pasta, BBQ, pizza, desserts, etc) so you never have to feel like you’re missing out on your favorite food. 

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Lose Weight By Eating Detox Week is full of crave worthy salads, smoothies, and detox meals. Along with 4 detox diet plans to choose from and a huge dessert chapter, this book is full of delicious detox meals.

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lose weight with your instant pot

Lose Weight With Your Instant Pot is the go to book for Instant Pot fans looking for healthy meals. Hearty and delicious meals under 500 calories that can be made in a flash. 

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lose weight- eat easy dinners

Lose Weight By Eating Easy Dinners is my newest cookbook. It’s filled with easy to make, delicious, under 500 calorie meals that the entire family will love. And speaking of family, there is a Cooking with Kids chapter!

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Lose Weight by Eating Cookbook Reviews

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